Saturday, October 25, 2008

Guest Blogger Baldwin Said--Obama is Exceptional!

Obama is Exceptional!

Maybe not. Senator Barack Obama is probably one of the most talented politicians and orators of our time; arguably in history. He is the quintessential intellectual and currently holds titles as “the first” and “the only”; with one more to be added on November 4. He is an impressive individual, but his “exceptionalism” is due to exclusion.

Senator Obama IS exceptional by any standard, but he is not an exception. I don’t intend to diminish the achievements of Senator Obama; however, the lack of media coverage of successful black men leaves people in this country, and across the world, with depictions of inarticulate, criminal minded, non-parenting, money-chasing, unemployed, lazy, womanizing black men. When a black man— void of these descriptions— enters the national scene, we are amazed and awed.

At times I am shocked at the public’s reception of dynamic black men in the media. I recall when Kwame Jackson was a contestant on “The Apprentice.” To most viewers, it was almost unbelievable that that Kwame was educated at Harvard’s prestigious school of business, co-founded several Internet start-ups during his time there, and held sales and marketing positions at the multi-billion dollar, Fortune 500, Procter & Gamble. Are his achievements impressive? Indeed. Should I be surprised? No.

There is an excess of positive stories of black men to be told, but the media’s failure to tell the stories of black men like Kwame, and their ardent promotion of minstrels like Flava Flav is due to pure laziness and the public’s unwillingness to accept positive images of black men.

Ill-informed images of black men in the media not only shape the public’s perception, but also influence how black men see themselves. I would argue that these depictions do not boil down to a direct cause-effect relationship— negative images seen produce negative behavior. What takes place is the creation of a subconscious framework that influences how one views and relates to black men. By perpetuating these negative images, the media reinforces pre-existing stereotypes that encourage prejudice behavior.

The most important point this raises is the esteem issues that black men face when they enter a hostile world that views them in the most negative light. A black man’s awareness of how he is perceived by society creates an additional hurdle he must overcome in order to focus and cultivate his natural talents and abilities.

Instead of striding into an interview with the self-assuredness to tout how he can uniquely contribute to an organization, he first thinks about how the interviewer will frame their interaction based on the color of his skin. Instead of being confident in his pitch to a potential client, he frets that they may be inclined to think he isn’t competent to handle their business because he is a “lazy black man.” Although one must always be aware of their environment, this neurosis impedes him from focusing on what’s important by obsessing over the racial barriers that have hindered him and generations of men like him in the past.

Senator Obama has made a positive impact on how black men are seen nationally and internationally, and has inspired many black men to continue pursuing their dreams. But to take a page from the Senator’s campaign play book— it took millions of people donating $100 and less to fortify his war chest, not just a few big spenders maxing out at $2,300— the way black men are viewed will take the stories of many to show the diversity within this community and dispel the notions of a monolithic body that history created.

--Baldwin Said

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Celebration of Mediocrity!

And so—it amazes me how far the fight for women’s equality fell last night. With every bat of her eyelashes and ever wink that Palin made… she put women back 10 years in the fight for equality. For far too long women have had to fight to be taken seriously in the workplace…to be thought of as more than competent to lead…Last night Palin, stole any bit of progress that Hillary Clinton’s campaign made. Hillary is a serious woman who was not running to be the first woman President but instead running to Be President! It sickened me to watch Palin use her sexuality to deter from the fact that she couldn’t answer a straight question…that every time the subject strayed from Energy she brought it right back…regardless if we were talking about Afghanistan or not. I am not impressed that after 4 days of cramming with McCain’s cronies that her colleagues said her performance was “good enough”. Do you want a VP… or potential President to be “good enough”? Didn’t we already go down the “Jo six pack” road with Bush???? And look where it got us…No disrespect to small town folks but I don’t want you leading this country…you don’t know enough. You live in a bubble in the bible belt where everyone looks the same, worships at the same church, eats the same food, works the same job as their parents before them, and goes to the big game on Friday night…and well if you’re a little different you stand the chance of being beaten to death, jailed for having consensual sex with a white girl (only if you happen to be a young black man” or dragged behind a car( if you’re on the wrong side of town)…no, I am not interested! I am not interested in anyone who sits and drinks a “six pack” in one sitting negotiating treaties…with a finger on the nuke button! I am not interested in someone claiming to run a microcosm of the U.S. but yet whose own state has about as much diversity as the characters on the Hills!

This is a serious time for serious people…not show ponies who need days to cram with her daddies friends…in the real world there is no time to cram! Either you mean what you say or you don’t. I have had enough of a President who thought it was “ok” to learn on the job! I want someone who can not only answer but coherently follow up on questions from a reporter… someone who knows their stance on important issues like foreign affairs, energy, and economics like the back of their hand. The time for training wheels is over…Palin did women who have worked for decades to have a woman looked at in the same intelligent light as a man an EXTREME disservice last night…Biden, had kid gloves on...why you ask??? Because he was dealing with a “lil lady” last night not a woman! And the conservatives were just waiting for him to point out that she wasn’t answering the questions asked…by saying he was “picking on her” What is this pre-school!!!! I want a woman who is going to discuss her plans and policies in a clear and assertive matter…a woman who wants the tough questions because she is smart enough and tough enough to answer them… not a woman who thinks a National Debate is the appropriate place to shout out her fucking family like she’s on a talk show!!! The time for “reality television” is over…let’s get back to the seriousness of the stakes we have in front of us…I don’t think we can get out of our economic crisis by “winking” it away…and flashing a smile…it’s going to take hard work and a thoughtful plan…and that my friends is not coming from a pit-bull with lipstick!

And That’s my Two Cents

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Bush who Cried Wolf!!!

And so--- Financial markets tumbled today…and the fairy tale “the boy who cries wolf” can help explain why! How??? You ask…well, let me explain. In the story the young boy feigns danger by saying the wolf is coming, the wolf is coming…and every time he cried the townspeople came running to make sure the boy was ok. But in the end when the wolf really came…no one came to rescue the boy…and sadly he was eaten! Well, fast forward to 2008 for the past 7 and so years the Bush Administration has been that little boy…In 2001 we were attacked…and we went to war in Afghanistan. Then in 2003 the Bush Administration told the American people that Iraq had WMD’s so we moved the war…then a few years later we found out that guess what…there were NO WMD’s. But we remain in IRAQ bombing them to smithereens…while the people who were responsible for the attack regain power and strength and begin to attack all over the world… Then in 2005, Katrina occurred…after the wind died down and the waters stabilized the administration said they could not get into New Orleans to help people….but guess who did???? OPRAH! So, you’re telling me that Oprah was more capable than the Army Reserves????? And then in 2007 the Bush Administration fired several U.S. Attorney’s without clear reason other than the fact that they did not agree with the administration, but when asked for records of why they were fired Bush and his posse claim Executive privlege! …those are just three examples off the top of my head of BUSH lies…

So you wonder why the American people can’t get behind this bailout…because he has cried wolf too many fucking times for the people to understand/believe the severity of this situation…But make no mistake…the WOLF is HERE!!! This is no longer about the Cat’s on Wall Street this is about your jobs, your 401K, Social Security etc…this is the real fucking thing…if Congress doesn’t get a hold of this mess soon we will see massive lay-offs. As was quoted from CNN “if your house is on fire because your kid played with matches…you don’t stand out front of your burning house blaming your spouse leaving the matches out…you get a fire extinguisher and worry about blame later”! Listen, the house is on fire…and the only people who are going to get burned are regular folks…because the fat cats have moved their money offshore to the Cayman’s already!!! And so, I say…understand what is at stake here…it’s not about golden parachutes anymore…it’s about your home, your job, and your future…if we hit bottom there is not telling how long it will take for us to get back up…this is the beginning of a domino effect…this is not 1929 when we were a stand alone economy this is about the GLOBAL economy facing massive lay-offs, oil shortages, food shortages, it all connected!!!! Do the research…

That is my Two Cents!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pimp My Kids!!!

And so--I have never witnessed a political candidate like Sarah Palin in my life! Forget about the picture of her in an American Flag bikini with a gun (Republican Porn), forget about the knocked up daughter, forget about the earmarks for Alaska (there are many), forget about the state investigation (for firing the state commissioner who wouldn't fire her ex brother-in-law...why you ask??? because her sister was going through a divorce..dahhh! Forget about ALL of that...and focus on this...Ms. Alaska Mother of the Year has been using her fucking kids for political gain! I have seen a lot in my small time here on Earth, but this takes the cake.

"Keep families out of the election" that is what she said right??? That's what Republicans said right??? Oh, unless you can tout them for votes...she is carrying that baby with special needs around like her badge of honor! He is a child Palin...not a fucking flag! Has anyone noticed that her knocked up daughter's baby father has been holding her hand since this morning???? Did mommy carry a shotgun over to his home??? that's how small town folks do, right???? "You gone marry my daughter or else"! I am sure that self promoting redneck will make a great pappy! She is marching that poor girl onstage as she is going through this pregnancy in the American that what a caring mother does???? She uses her child's decision to enter into combat as her token campaign slogan that is unbelievable... "This is a private family matter...please give us our privacy" that's what Palin's spokesperson said...Really, I think Britany Spears has done a better job keeping her life "private" than this woman has done to her family...Palin, you make me sick!

I do not want the Republicans to go down in history as the first party to put a woman on the ticket...because she is not worthy of such a place in history...she is a distraction and speed bump at best!!! Some may say "why so angry then TC?" I am angry because I am tired of Republican bullshit...I am tired of them dragging out the flag and telling the rest of us we are unAmerican because we choose College over the armed services....I respect the job of service people...and I am sure they do enter the service hoping to one day exploit their service to win an election...I am tired of being marginalized and feeling like 3/5ths of a human being because I am not straight, white, or is time to take the gloves off Dems and get dirty...if they want to fight...give them a fucking monsoon!!!!

And That's My Two Cents!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Today is the Gayest Day EVER!!!

And so—Today is a spectacular day!!! On the cover of People magazine the largest mainstream celebrity magazine…is the wedding of Ellen and Portia! This is a huge deal… Some of you may say who cares...who actually reads People magazine???? A lot of people…do you know that in every grocery store line there are average Americans buying milk and seeing the first high profile gay wedding pics!!! It is moments like this that give T.C. a little hope….that we are making great steps towards inclusion of gays and lesbians in the U.S. Also, in addition to People magazine recognizing that gays are people too…Hallmark the largest gift card manufacturer has announced that they are releasing a line of Same Sex wedding cards…Oh, T.C. feels the wind changing…..this is an amazing time!!!! Grab this moment in time by the horns and make sure that you and every person you have ever known in your life votes this November…As Americans it is time that we make a move towards change...and that change is Barack Obama!

The world is no longer blind…we have eyes wide open and are moving at a rate that was never thought possible…Same Sex Marriage being recognized in more countries every year…massive attention being paid to our energy crisis…hundreds of thousands of people gathering with baited breath just to get a glimpse of Obama…the world is ready for change…and it is time that we make up for the bullshit blunder of the past two elections and use 2008 to get it right!

Tonight…let’s raise a glass to the steps mainstream America is making…and in November let’s seal the deal!


Don't Step on my Ferragamo Shoes!!!!

And so—T.C. is wondering today how rich is rich??? Well according to John McCain that magic answer is $5 Million…What? In order for this Ferragamo wearing, private jet owning, marry for money, candidate to consider you rich you need to have $5 million in the bank…Really! But Obama is the elitist right? Obama who recently paid off his student loans through his book sales…Obama who owns one home…not seven!

McCain is beyond out of touch…when asked how many homes he and his Barbie wife own his response was “I don’t know you will have to ask my staff”…that’s almost as good as when Paris Hilton didn’t realize that her license was suspended because you know “she doesn’t handle that kind of stuff”. Why you ask?? Because rich people can defer questions and average responsibility to their “staff” so they can be consumed with more important matters like finding ways not to disclose their tax information so that the average poor schmuck voter think that you are just like them! McCain is about as far removed from reality as a celebutante…he stumbles over questions, has the occasional outburst, doesn’t know anything about geography, and married rich…actually I think that John McCain maybe the biggest Desperate Housewife of all! Oh, and did I mention that he doesn’t know how to use the internet??? Why would he need to bother himself with a place that is just boiling over with information??? Oh, possibly because he is running for President! This man is an embarrassment to himself and the rest of the silly elephants who clap for him…

More importantly instead of dealing with McCain it is time for Obama to come out swinging…you only get one shot at this and NOW is his time! With Convention coming in just a few days it’s time for the Obama camp to finish McCain off once and for all…How do they do this you ask??? Simple, start talking about all the issues with clear cut plans while simultaneously highlighting how out of touch McCain is and painting a clear picture of what America will look like under his control! It’s time to remove the gloves and get this party started…I want Obama to wow the shit out of me next week…like he has done in the past. And show America that he is their only hope for change!!!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where is the real news???

And so—T.C. has decided to emerge from a long slumber to grace your inboxes again with some comments…who am I kidding…some rants! So, without further ado let us begin. First, on the Olympics…the opening ceremony was the most amazing thing I have ever watched…however, I found it extremely difficult to focus with all the fucking commentary from U.S. news anchors dismissing the pure brilliance of the Chinese and instead discussing a bunch of B.S. Yes, the Chinese have done a lot of things that may make your skin crawl…but let us not forget the U.S. scandal on human rights issues at Abu Ghraib…don’t throw stones! Moving on in Olympic news Usain Bolt’s finish in the 100m…yes, he was cocky...but if you have watched sprinters over I don’t know ALL of the Olympics-- that is how they are…next…Gymnastic judges---THEY SUCK!

Now, that I have returned from a much needed vacay…I am back to watching the news…as it turns out Obama is now behind in the polls. There was an article in the Huffpo yesterday discussing how when it comes close to the elections and there is a black candidate… self promoting white liberals tend to get a little squeamish when it comes to voting for the black guy…you know, liberal out front but really a closeted “good ol’ boy”! Why is it that when the media reports on white’s they are allowed to be broken down it to types but blacks are just “black voters” with no difference in opinion??? Anyway, the fact of this election comes down to Obama being the best candidate…and if mainstream America votes McCain in…that will be the final sign of the apocalypse! Voting for a man that sang a song entitled “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran” just because he is “white and safe” is absolutely crazy! I will honestly lose the last shred of hope that I have left in the American people if this is their choice! He stumbles in interviews…has “senior moments” constantly, has no geographical understanding of where countries are located…and lies about the experiences he had in a POW camp…I can’t believe that this is who Americans feel safe with…and for those of you who are still undecided, a message “take your fucking head out of the sand and get informed”! There are no excuses anymore to be ignorant there is 24hour news channels and this little thing called the internet for fucksake!

And finally the media…Check your God damn sources before you report! Not but a short while ago they reported that Rep. Tubbs-Jones from Ohio had died when in fact she is in critical condition in the hospital…Have some thought before you go rushing to print…we want the correct and accurate information not fast food news…if I wanted fries with my reporting I would watch Fox not CNN! And that’s my two cents…


Friday, July 11, 2008

Stop your Whining????

And so—let me begin this post by saying…this entry will not be nice! T.C. has a lot of pent up frustration that is dying to come out…Issue 1) Jesse Jackson and his “nuts” comment about Obama. Let me give you some background. Jesse Jackson was on Fox news doing an interview. When the interview was over he thought his microphone was off…big mistake! So, he leaned over and commented that Obama has been “lecturing to black people and that he wanted to cut his nuts off”! Oh that’s right, let’s persecute Obama for making a justified statement that places responsibility where it should be. There comes a time when you have to start looking at the choices you are making and how those choices are affecting the people and the community around you. Yes, there are a lot of systemic problems that are in communities of color; however there are a lot choices that can be made to lessen these problems…such as sticking around when you get a woman pregnant, not buying the blinged out watch when you live in your momma’s house and don’t pay rent, like purposefully not doing well in school so you don’t seem white, like not hanging out on the street all day when you could be looking for work!

I can say this…why you ask??? Because I see this shit every freakin’ day when I am coming and going from my home. It infuriates me…and yes, I am pissed and yes, if I had a pulpit I would preach from it…the system is broken! I am aware of that; but when shit breaks you don’t wait for it to get fixed while your laying on your back…you get up and you figure out what you can do to make your life a little bit better….yes, even if you have never seen anyone around you do better, you need to try. Because people died to give you this opportunity—to go to school, vote, work, marry etc. They marched, bled, were hung, and they did not do this so young black kids could stand in front of the FUCKING 7 ELEVEN and smoke a blunt while hollering at every young woman that walks by!!!!!!!!!

Issue 2) Viagra and McCain—Senator McCain voted for a measure that gave insurance companies the choice not to cover women who seek birth control…wait for it… it gets better. However, Viagra is covered! Can we talk about some nonsensical bullshit! Insurance companies will make sure that old men can get it up—but won’t cover the necessity of birth control for women to make sure they don’t get pregnant?? Do you want to know what McCain said on the issue???? Nothing, he bumbled like a freakin’ idiot saying he “would look into it” look into what??? Look into the fact that even though it is 2008 the government still does not want to protect women…but will sure as hell make it a priority for men to keep having sex way pass their prime? He makes me sick!

Issue 3) Bush and the EPA—So, Bush comes back from the G8 conference with a great announcement…he is not going to do shit about global warming! Instead he is going to comment on how Congress needs to let America drill into Alaska and offshore for oil that we won’t see for 7-10 years. Oh and in the meantime we can pollute more places by accidental spills…as long as his cronies in the oil industry get the business; who cares about the environment! The EPA instead of acting on the crisis we are currently in has decided to look into the matter for a few more months! Really, well maybe by then Polar bears will be extinct, there will be a tornado in Brooklyn and the middle class in America will be a fairy tale you tell your kids at night while you tuck them into the back seat of your car which is now their makeshift bed because you lost your house because you had to make the tough decision between gas and your mortgage! But you know McCain’s top economic advisor Phil Gramm is probably right…The recession that we are in…is all in my head, I am making this up. I am an economic hypochondriac! I am just daydreaming when I see gas at over $4 a gallon, I am just hallucinating when I go to the grocery store and milk costs as much as gas…America is just a bunch of whiners and we need to just suck it up! I have two words for Phil Gramm…FUCK OFF!

The problems that this country is facing today are huge…and we need a candidate who is going to take his head out of the sand and make real decisions about our future right now. Fuck the rhetoric, the speeches, and the quips back and forth! Let’s get real before it is too late…don’t be one of those people who say that their opting out of voting this year because politicians aren’t about shit or because you don’t know enough…we have 24 hour news for fuck sake…you don’t have any excuses and neither do your friends or family! Get up, get out and do something…because the economic state that we are in is real, and if it hasn’t hit you yet this blog hopefully has!

And that’s my Two Cents!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Reflection

What if you were to wake today and stumble sleepy eyed over to the alarm clock and hit snooze…only to wake again…10 minutes later from the cozy cocoon you call a bed to hit the alarm for a final time. With heavy, sleep filled feet you walk slowly to the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth…when you look up to wipe off the excess toothpaste from the corner of your mouth you see an envelope taped to the mirror with your name on it…but what lies inside is not a note from your lover…but a note from an angel saying that tomorrow will be your last day in human form…that it’s time for you to leave this Earthly place. What if that was how death came…gentle, soft, and with a day to prepare, to pack and to leave…as if you were going on vacation…how would you leave? Would you leave the same way you came in? Kicking and screaming? Would you have one big dinner with family and friends, dance, sing and drink late into the night…so that you all could catch that one perfect sunrise together before you left?

With each passing day millions of people leave this Earth and most days unless they are close to us we continue on our path…rushing to Starbucks, jumping on the subway before the doors close, finishing a paper for class…nothing much changes with us. I think it should. I think that with each person that passes or is struck with illness…we should pause, we should reflect on the way we are living our lives…that’s what deaths should be…a time to meditate on life… whether close to you or not…it should be looked at as an opportunity for you to take a moment and ask yourself…a simple question. “Am I living my life’s potential?” Are you living your truth? We are not given an infinite amount of time on this planet…and most days we take that reality is taken for granted. So, today I ask that you reflect on your time spent… and time left and live each day honestly, truthfully and as much as you take, and loving as hard and as full as your heart will allow…so that if you wake and there is a note on your mirror, you can say with a smile “I lived as full as I could, and loved as deep as my heart would allow and now it’s time to rest”!

I dedicate this passage to Anna. A woman I have never met, but who is about to embark on a journey that will take all her might to win. Namaste


Monday, June 16, 2008

Remembering Tim Russert

The passing of Tim Russert has brought great shock and sadness to the world. His passing also shines a light on the field of journalism and reporters as a whole. Tim Russert was one of the last real journalists of our time. He was not preoccupied with creating an “image” for himself. He was more concerned with presenting the facts. In the 24 hour news world that we live in now…sensationalism reigns supreme. There was a time when you could rely on the media to give you the straight facts…like Tim Russert did. He laid out the facts and allowed us to draw our own conclusions. His ability to ask questions and wait for responses was an art form…one that will sorely be missed as we move into this historic presidential election. He was a hard hitting journalist who asked nothing more from his guests than the truth about what they were going to do for the American people and the world at large. He was the last man to rely on when you wanted to know what was happening in the world…you could sit back with your morning paper and cup of tea on Sunday morning and turn on Meet the Press and let Tim layout the news for you. You could rely on Tim Russert the way you could a family member…you may not like the questions he asked at times…but you knew they were honest, and as a result you would be better off for knowing the answer. I am fearful that the passing of this legendary figure will not only leave a seat empty on Sunday mornings but leave emptiness in credible reporting as whole. Thank you Tim Russert for your sincere and professional approach to the News!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

'Til Death do Us Part????

And So—It has been a loooonnnng time since yours truly has written…but never fear…T.C. is here! So, first on the agenda---the Gays may get to have their day in sun…the California sun that is! On May 15th the California Supreme Court ruled in a 4-3 decision for same-sex marriage. However, before the brides and grooms to-be could run to their closest Vera Wang boutique a group of conservative bigots ran to the courts and asked them for a 5 month stay of the judgment so that voters could have the opportunity to strike down their decision with a state amendment to ban same sex marriage. So, now T.C. is pissed! What the hell is wrong with these conservative groups and their sanctity of marriage bullshit! If marriage was so F@$%ING sacred then I ask why is The Bachelor a hit show??? Why did Britney Spears get an annulment after 84 hours??? Why do shows like Bridezilla and Marry a Farmer exist??? Why don’t these groups get together and ban shows like these for tramping all over traditional marriage???? I am so tired of their debate! You know… these were most likely the same groups who said that people of different races couldn’t married during the 50’s!!! My God, how short the memory of America is…we just wait for a new marginalized group to surface so that we can throw our “traditional” bullshit at them…. WAKE UP!!! The traditional America that these groups have held so near and dear to their hearts has long since died! If you want to cling to your traditional ways I suggest you get a compound in Utah and keep to yourself…start a town in the mountains…ride in horse and buggy…churn butter… but leave the rest of the hell alone! Ok, now I feel a little better.

Next, George Bush…ohhhhh DUBYA…the dirty tricks you play when you a far from home. Calling Obama an appeaser…yes, your right to try and have conversation with our opponents is wrong…it might lead us to negotiation and that is not the “yippy caye” gun totting’ way of Dubya’s USA!
Today, his former press secretary came out with a book in which he shatters the Bush Administration by telling us…wait for it…WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW! Yes, the American people hired a coke snortin’, illiterate, wanna-be better than daddy, spoiled little frat boy! There, I saved you the $14.95 of an Amazon book shipment.

Next, Hillary’s still in the race…but I don’t care... so we are moving on from there. More interesting than that is the fact that Dunkin Donuts pulled a TV advertisement today because their spokesperson Rachel Ray was wearing a scarf that was thought by the right-winged bloggers to look like an Arab keffiyeh. Really, are you kidding me?? Do we live in a communist country where the clothes that people wear on T.V. have to be censored not because it’s too sexy, but because it’s too Arab???? Way to show a pair Dunkin Donuts!! What were the American people going to do… boycott your patriotic coffee? “America runs on Dunkin”…probably not… because that would mean that families would have to cook nutritious food for their kids before they go to school instead of hopping them up on your sugary crap… but being as how we are too busy, toolazy and too fat to do that…you sacred fatty empire is safe! But the fact that you pulled the add sure as hell makes T.C. not want to enter into your politically charged and overtly racist establishment! How much F’ing time do we have on our hands that this is what the media is paying attention to instead of …Oh I don’t know that gas is reaching $5 a gallon, or that the prices of just about everything we consume is rising through the roof…no it’s much easier to comment on Rachel Ray’s wardrobe! And that's my Two Cents!!!


Monday, May 5, 2008

Nuclear Summer for the Dems???

And so--T.C. is pissed and I must tell you all why...I am on VACA this week and was enjoying myself until I turned on MSNBC. I know what your thinking...GEEK! But, you have to understand I am an addict! "Hi my name is Two Cents..and I am addicted to politics"! Except when I tuned you know what I heard???? Well, let me tell you. I heard the pundits discussing whether or not reporters on the campaign trail hook-up with one another...because there is nothing else to do??? Are you F@%KIN kidding me???? Was I watching MTV's the Hills??? I don't give a shit if "professional ADULT journalists" hook-up with one another...I care if they are actually covering the news while they are on the campaign trail...not each other!

Ok, enough of my rant back to the news...So, Huffpo is reporting today HRC's Nuclear not her energy plan...her plan to nuke the democratic party by having her supporters that sit on the bylaws and rules committee push forward the votes of the people in Michigan and Florida...Now, don't get me wrong I am not into disenfranchising 2.5 million voters, but I will say that their states should have followed the rules! Now, some of you may roll your eyes and say "T.C. some rules are meant to be broken". Yes, that is true but the reality is...she would not be calling for their votes if she wasn't the only Dem on the ballot in those states...should she be rewarded for playing her down-low game??? I wish, that DNC chair Howard Dean would grow a pair and put his foot down! I am not saying not to seat the good people of these states at convention...but if we are going to count votes then we have to redo the campaigns there and give both her and Obama the time to campaign there and then redo the votes...not just except what's there...But if she manages to use her "Nuclear" strategy she will obliterate not only Obama's chances (which she wants...understood) but she will also be responsible for the imploding of the democratic party...and I am sorry but her win...ain't worth that! That's my Two I am back to relaxing!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coming to a T.V. near YOU...

And so—there has been a lot going on in the news and it’s ONLY Tuesday…so buckle up, because something is telling T.C. it’s going to be a loooong week! There has been enough drama in the news… that you will have no need to turn on Lifetime…just watch CNN! First, the Pennsylvania primaries have come and gone and guess what??? NOTHING has changed! The pundits have debated at length on the importance of this primary. Here is T.C.’s quick and dirty take from Pennsylvania…OBAMA is still ahead! So she [HRC] can cheer and drink beer and shoot ducks all she wants between here and North Carolina but numbers don’t lie!

Ok, moving on…to Rev. Wright! So at first when this entire media storm hit the fan I was all for the “good Reverend’s” right to speak on whatever he wanted in his church. I was all for freedom of speech, religion, etc… and felt that the media was once again playing clips of his rant on a 24/7 cycle for ratings and the character assassination of Obama. However, T.C. has had a change of heart….why you ask?? Because Rev. Wright is lapping up the media spotlight right now like a cross between Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg! That man is everywhere…he’s at the NAACP awards which for the record… are never televised but were for his appearance, he’s at the National Press club, Howard University and so on! I am just waiting on him to become the next reality show on the E! Channel… “Wright’s ‘Hood” produced by Ryan Seacrest! He is doing more harm than good…with his continued rants; but when you catch a case of the “15 minute fame bug” there is no telling what you will do to stay in the news…just look at the cast of “Flavor of Love”. Something is telling me that the “Good Rev” ain’t going anywhere… anytime soon.

Next in the news…Oh Miley! Miley Cyrus the famed daughter of the one and only “achy breaky heart” Billy Ray has made headlines…why you ask? Well, because she did a spread in Vanity Fair where it appears that she is topless. Now, this generally would not be a big deal except the “Tween Queen” is only 15 years old. I am all for art…I think the nude human figure is beautiful except when it’s…well…jailbait! However, it was a mistake, one that she is embarrassed about…T.C. says “give her a break, it’s not like she’s a Spear’s…it was art misinterpreted…not a porno”!

Finally…remember when HRC said that Rev. Wright “would never be my minister”??? Well, turns out I wouldn’t want her claimed religious guide as mine either. Why? Because he was just sentenced to 3 years in prison for molestation! My advice for HRC never “throws stones”! Rev. Wright may have made comments that offended some people but all he did was talk…

Ask yourself this dear reader…why wasn’t this little misstep big news??? Be inquisitive and ask the hard questions…and always put in your two cents!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This Land is Your Land!!!!

And so—Today is April 22nd…does anyone know why today is important???? Today is Earth Day! It’s the one day that we are supposed to pay attention to the Earth…you know, not litter, spit, smoke, drive a hummer etc. Over the past year or two every magazine and news report has mentioned the importance of decreasing our “carbon foot print” and tips on “how to go green”. But at the end of the day what is the importance of Earth Day? Is it to remind us how we are continually year after year mucking up our environment? Is it for the benefit of corporate America to market their latest “eco-friendly” sneaker, car, yoga mat, or iPod to us?

Take a minute today and think about the Earth…think about what the concept of “Green” really is and who it is helping. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift in our society…however when we shift there are things that fall through the cracks. In our rush to the latest “Green” item… take a moment this Earth Day to think about those communities that do not have the organic market... let alone fresh produce in their local store! Think about those who are still riding in diesel busses that are causing respiration difficulties which in turn causes them to miss work and lose money and potentially a job. Think about the children that are playing on a cement playground next to a landfill or chemical plant. Take time this Earth day to reflect on those people who are being left behind in our transformation to our emergent “Green” economy. It will be these underserved communities that have less to do with global warming… that will be the ones to pay the most for it… and lose their edge on being a part of the middle class due to rising energy costs... that force them back into living check to check. When energy costs rise and gas prices rise it’s not just your utility bill that will suffer it’s your food cost, medical cost, transportation, clothing etc.

Take time to think this Earth Day... think about how we can use the emergence of this “Green” economy to lift underserved communities out of poverty and make sure that we all have the revenue and possibility of going “Green”! Happy Earth Day Everyone!


Monday, April 21, 2008


And so—As you all may know…unless of course you have been living underneath a rock in the country side of Lithuania… without access to any form of media… tomorrow is the Pennsylvania showdown between Obama and Clinton… for the past few months the media has inundated us with whether or not America is more racist or sexist and frankly I am F*%KING exhausted! … So, I decided that we are in need of break from the political nightmare we call the primaries! And so, Two Cents is going to stray from politics for the day and indulge in my other obsessions…luxury living and the return of the BEST show on T.V. to date…I’ll give you a hint…XOXO!

Now that the writer’s strikes have finally ended…We will no longer be subjected to marathons of Deal or No Deal and which American wants to embarrass themselves more by going up against a 5th Grader…and losing! We can now relish in the return of our favorite T.V. shows and watch our waistlines expand as we once again become ONE with our couches and the takeout menu! So without further ado… I have a confession… for the longest time yours truly was embarrassed to say that the new teen drama on the CW was my favorite show…but I have decided to face the light and come clean… here it goes…(deep breath) I am in love with GOSSIP GIRL! There I said it…and I am not ashamed…why? Because it is the best show ever!!!

Long gone are the days of waiting around for… like the 200th episode of 90210 for Donna Martin to lose her virginity and for Dylan and Brenda to sleep together…Oh no, Gossip Girl which is set in the posh upper east side of Manhattan had an attempted suicide, attempted date rape, the return of the school slut, the dethroning of the Queen of Mean, pregnancy scares, and a coke addict dad…all in its first 12 episodes!!! These kids aren’t wearing loud polka dot shirts with spandex either (although T.C. does Love the 90’s)! The wardrobe on this show puts all other teen drama’s to shame…The fashion on this show rivals that of Sex and the City and the Devil Wear’s Prada…need I say more to have you tune in??? And the writing ain’t bad either. You have the witty repartee of the brilliant but cancelled Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip with the style and grace of a Vogue photo spread…I kid you not! So tune in to the CW for this deliciously addictive new hit…

And if Gossip Girl does not give you your luxury voyeurism fix you need to log onto this site is unbelievable! So, if you are fortunate enough to have loot to spare than I highly recommend becoming an exclusive member of this lavish club. Quintessentially garners itself as an exclusive club for people "who believe life is too short to waste time on the mundane or second best"! They are a 24 hour concierge service…these people can get you everything from a Louis Vuitton tote for your Chihuahua to a helicopter pick from the Maldives…yeah it’s THAT exclusive. They also have levels of membership…and with this club membership does have its privileges…like front row tickets for Gucci’s fall fashion show at Bryant Park! So, if Gossip Girl has you wondering what it would be like to live the high society life…wonder no more…log on to This site will definitely have you questioning if working in the public sector, carrying a hemp bag, and going to all those pesky protests, in the rain... was the best idea!

Love your favorite Polticonista,

Monday, April 14, 2008

Bitter??...Hell Yeah!

And so—I apologize for the absence of my blog last week but T.C. was under the weather…but never fear…I am germ free and back in the swing! And I couldn’t have picked a better week to put my Two Cents in then this one…So, without further ado…to the news we go! First, Ann Coulter and the topless depiction of her in the Wall Street Journal…all I can say is “PRICELESS”! Next, “Bitter Bowl 2008”! So, Obama made comments at a San Francisco fundraiser claiming that “small town folks” in the Midwest may have swallowed a bitter pill…. He also made mention of guns, religion, and fear of the unknown…yup, I believe that sums it up. Now, were his comments a bit harsh….ummmmm…NO! Why, you ask…let me give you a pop quiz.

Question 1:
Have people in the Midwest lost the most jobs of Americans in our ever shifting economy?

Question 2:
Do a lot of people in the Midwest own guns?

Question 3:
Are the majority of Midwestern people linked to one racial group?

Question 4:
Is there a dense population of churches in the Midwest?

If you answered yes to these questions without having to Google “Midwest” then you passed the quiz! The reality is obvious…the Midwest is not the most diverse place in the U.S. A lot of the blue collar workers living in this region have lost their jobs…and generally loss of income makes us bitter people!...Especially when we have candidates that come to talk to this region of the country conveniently around election time and blame their lot in life on immigration, gays, and abortion. America is bitter! We are bitter about the war, school shootings, foreclosures, job loss, etc. and trying to pretend that we are all content with our lives and that Obama is an elitist is just as ridiculous as picturing Hillary Clinton squatting behind a bush with a rifle! Once again…let’s return to the issues of the day…education, health care, recession, and leave the name calling, hair pulling, and finger pointing to the return of new Gossip Girl episodes on the CW…XOXO!


Friday, April 4, 2008

John McCain and the Un-United States!

And So—Today John McCain was asked by a reporter on the 40th Anniversary of the Assassination of Martin Luther King J.R. why he voted against the MLK holiday in 1983? His response you ask…well this was interesting. He said “I voted against it in my first year of Congress. Then I began to learn. And I studied. And people talked to me.” What??? What was it exactly that McCain did not know that he needed to study? McCain was 32 when Martin Luther King J.R. was assassinated. He was not a small child on a playground oblivious to the world around him…he was an adult…an educated one at that. When the vote on the holiday came in 1983, McCain was 47 years old! What else did he need to learn that he did not learn within the 15 years that had passed since MLK’s assassination??? He should have been embarrassed today to give that response and have the audacity to think that was a sufficient answer to his blatant racist ignorance! He goes on in this interview to continue his defense of the vote by stating that he was in Arizona and there is “just a small population of African Americans” there….does that matter? Are African Americans the only group of people who celebrate MLK’s legacy and learn about it in school???? I don’t think so. John McCain should be ashamed of himself and the state he calls home! Do you want a President with this type of voting history…when America is in desperate need of healing??? I don’t think so!

That’s My Two Cents

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Move B!#CH Get Out the WAY!

Hillary Clinton was quoted as saying to Bill Richardson that “He [Obama] can’t win…he just can’t win”. As Yosemite Sam always said “Them be Fightin’ words”! Well, $40 Million raised in March by the Obama campaign says otherwise. As the Clinton’s once again deflect questions of their finances and face rumors of going “broke” because of their campaign… and continue on their mission to bring the Democratic party down with divisiveness, more 3 a.m. phone calls, strong arming, and to put it bluntly…the worse case of hubris ever seen. The American people continue to put their faith and money elsewhere. Why does Hillary Clinton feel so entitled to this nomination? Why was it ok for President Clinton to say “it’s her time”? Why, because of their 30 year plan?? Well, not everything we hope for… works out!

There was a time not too long ago when I believed in Hillary Clinton. There was a time when I felt honored as an American voter to have for the first time two outstanding candidates to choose from. There was a time when I would have been happy with either one of them at the top of the Presidential ticket, but she ended that a few months ago. She ended that when she shouted “shame on you Barack Obama” at a campaign rally after exclaiming the night before on stage at a debate that she was “honored” to be sitting there with him on stage… before she continued the race war by commenting that “Reverend Wright would never be my pastor!” It’s so confusing to figure out which side of her mouth she is talking out of…when should I believe her? When she is dodging bullets and doing the army crawl in Bosnia?

Pundits and reporters alike continue to speculate on whether or not she will leave the race…and if so will she be able to repair the damage she has done to her image? I doubt HRC will leave this race unless she is dragged off of the stage at convention kicking and screaming “I’m number 1”…losing is not in the Clinton vocabulary…and generally speaking that would be a good thing…to never give up…except when you’re a public servant who is supposed to bend to the will of the people and put their best interest ahead of your own. Is she hoping and praying in Tonya [Harding] like fashion that even if Obama does happen to win that she will have damaged his campaign so much that she will be able to takeover after four years of McCain and then tell the American people “I told you so”? Hillary Clinton is no longer the fierce feminist I thought she was when I was young in the 90’s. She is just another rich, privileged, woman riding off of her husbands name… hey, maybe if the nomination doesn’t work out in her favor she can audition for Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City 2!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hillary Balboa…and the Fight for Superdelegates!

And so—I was reading the Huffington Post and saw an article where Hillary Clinton has most recently compared herself to Rocky Balboa…really! She went on in the article to discuss that she is a fighter and said “would Rocky have run half way up the Philadelphia steps and turned around…no… and neither will I”. Great Hill, you’re a fighter…we get it. But at what expense are you going to continue the destruction of the Democratic Party??? And wait a minute…when Rocky was fighting it was because he wanted to prove that he was a champion…key word being HE not “we” as in “yes we can”. He was fighting for himself…not for the greater good of the boxing community. On second thought maybe Hill is more like Rocky than I thought. Her nomination has more to do with her desire to win the nomination... at any cost than with the desire of the American people.

Her craving to be President has to do with the Clinton’s 30 year personal plan…it has nothing to do with their plans to better America or bring solutions! If they cared about the American people then they would not be trying to throw their weight around Washington to strong arm Superdelegates into the Clinton camp! The fact that they are relying on Superdelegates goes to show us once and for all that this nomination is not about the American people and “change” politics…no, this is about business as usual and cronyism.

James Carville, a longtime Clintonite, called Bill Richardson “Judas” for Christ sake!!! Why? Because he [Richardson] decided to side with the American people and back Obama instead of Hillary for the nomination. When Carville was asked by Anderson Cooper on 360 “why the strong words” Carville’s response… Richardson “owed” the Clintons for all they have done for him! “Owed” them…really? Not because she is most qualified or because he believes in her vision for America but because the Clinton’s did him a favor? Favoritism and cronyism is exactly what the Bush administration has run on for the past 7 years…and yet Hillary claims to be bigger and better than Bush??? With solutions to change America??? I don’t think so. It’s fortunate for us that there is a real change agent in this race and we are not stuck choosing the better of two evils. If Hillary Clinton wants to compare herself to an athlete I have a better one…Tonya Harding! She is wielding a big sledge hammer right now… and with ever snip and lie she is chipping away at the Democratic Party and our ability to win the White House!

That’s My Two Cents!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Get out of My Box!

And so—the media has been at it again…what is their fascination with putting voters into a box? We have Black voters, Single voters, Asian voters, gay voters and the list goes on. Why can’t I just be a voter? Why is it necessary for me to fall into a category of voter in order for my vote to count? Does that mean that all people lumped into a box think the same? And if we all think the same way and are going to vote the same way then where is the need for particular parties to work for our vote. Historically Black people as a “group” have voted Democratic. Because of this pattern of voting the Democrats as a whole don’t need to work for the Black vote and Republicans don’t bother to go after it…because what’s the point.

The issue of checking a box doesn’t just apply to voting… it’s in every facet of American society. If you don’t check a box then we don’t know who or what you are and then we can’t judge you. We have age boxes—if your 18-24, 24-30, 30-36, you’re going to buy, eat, and date this way. Job applications have boxes, MYSPACE has boxes, and Homeowner applications have boxes…what’s next the grocery store? So, the media can report on which fabric softener Single Asian Muslim women buy? Why is that data important or relevant? As we move into a more globalized, multi-racial and multi-ethnic society will our obsession with boxes be mitigated or multiplied?

I say this to all people that mindlessly check boxes… “Stop for a second before you place that check and ask why is this information important”? If you find out that only a particular group likes a certain type of music will that change your taste in that genre? It probably won’t…and if it does change your taste… then… you’re pretty lame and should stop reading my blog immediately… and should check to see where you left your independence! To all the proponents of categorization…Get out of my Box! If you want to know what I think…ask me. I am always pleased to give you my two cents!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What the F@%K!!!

And so—Last Thursday I decided not to watch the news for the entire weekend. I was disgusted and tired of hearing about whom…you guessed it, Rev. Wright. As if we did not just recognize the 5th year of the IRAQ WAR. As if 25 American soldiers and 57 Iraqi civilians were not murdered over the past week. As if a total of 4,000 American soldiers have not lost their lives over Bush’s war. Instead of reporting this as news, our trusted journalists decided that hmmm…we’re not going to discuss that this week or next…we were going to continue to beat a dead horse and show clips and pictures of Sen. Obama with his FORMER Pastor; because on news stations what mattered most were ratings and sensationalism…not informing the American people.

So, today Tuesday March 25th, after the Easter holiday I thought…"Maybe I can turn the T.V. on again and find out what happened in the world." I sat on my couch…slowly pushed the on button and waited…as if scary music were playing in the pinnacle moment of a horror film to see who would get whacked....EEEEEKKKKKK!!!! And what did I see you ask…Well, let me tell you what I did not see first. I did not see coverage of John McCain making an ass out of himself and the American people in general as he explained how “Al-Qaeda soldiers are trained in Iran”. When asked for greater clarity on his statement McCain said the following: "Common knowledge and [it] has been reported in the media that al-Qaeda is going back into Iran and receiving training and are coming back into Iraq from Iran, that's well known." A few moments later, Joe Lieberman, leaned forward and whispered in his ear. McCain promptly offered a quick rewrite: "I'm sorry; the Iranians are training extremists, not al-Qaeda."

Nope the media did not pick this up as major story. As a matter of fact they dismissed it as a “senior moment”…was that supposed to be funny? Do you want a President who is showing signs of senility??? At 3am??? McCain only based his whole candidacy on the fact that he is an “expert on foreign policy”…really???

What else didn’t I see… I did not see serious discussion on the plight of the people in Tibet; I did not see pundits talking about what issues matter to the American people most. Nope, I did not see any news when I turned on the NEWS channel. I did see that Britney Spears was on a sitcom, I did see more commentary on Rev. Wright and I just saw at 4pm Sen. Clinton explaining that Rev. Wright would have never been her Pastor! Really???

Oh, that’s right because when real Americans express anger and resentment the best thing to do is walk away…that’s not what I want my President to do. You don’t just get to represent the people that agree with you and tell you what the F@$K you want to hear…you get to listen to everyone! Freedom of speech is not for the faint of heart…it’s for the KKK, preachers, radical religious zealots, peacekeepers, liberals and everyone in between. That is what America is all about. So, I say this to the American people…get angry and demand more from your politicians and from the media. I want real conversation and dialogue about what matters- paying for college, healthcare, combating global warming, fixing our foreign relations nightmare, fixing our public schools- the list goes on. And unless Rev. Wright can do that, get him the F@#K off my T.V.

That’s my Two Cents!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sticks and Stones will break your bones but WORDS will never hurt you…Bullshit!

Picture it-- the Northeast in the mid-eighties. You’re playing on the swings in your ooh too cool Keds, slouch socks, tight rolled jeans with a hyper-colored shirt when your BFF tells you that a rumor has been spread about you. You, last Saturday night… a game of truth or dare, and seven minutes in heaven…you get the picture.

Thankful for you that the age of YouTube, MYSPACE, and the internet in general has yet to be invented! So, you can rest in pure denial and wait for the next storm to emerge with the hope that you won’t be swept up in it…again.
Fast forward a few decades and you may not have been that lucky. In the age that we are living in everything is recycled from bottles to styles to hairdos, what was once old comes back new and that includes rumors and true stories that we wish would go away. In the age of the internet and info at the touch of your iPHONE the old adage “sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt me” just ain’t true. Not only can words hurt you but if you live in the public eye under a microscope…words can destroy you! Especially if those words are on the cover of every paper and recycled in the news from 9am until 10pm (slow news day).

In light of our present election cycle and the fustercluck that the Democrats are in presently…instead of us the American people being able to make clear and factual decisions about our candidate we have to decipher and decode rumors and be subjected to kitchen sink politics like we are back on the playground. You know that back in the days of the playground when rumors were started it was boredom, jealously of the limelight, and the desire to be on top…knowing that getting to the top couldn’t be done on merit and niceties alone…thus rumors and total social destruction were common in school politics. But should this type of mentality be common in real world politics??? I think not.

The media print and T.V. alike has a responsibility to not just feed us the fluff they think we want to know but the sustenance we need in order to make competent decisions based on fact and record not pomp and show. If I wanted entertainment news I would turn on the E! Channel and let my brain slowly pour from my ear to my hearts content. We as an information seeking, instant gratification society rely on text message updates from CNN and MSNBC for their objective views and insightful commentary on important issues such as race, education, health, and the state of Wall Street not on Hillary’s suits or comments from Barack’s pastor consuming a days worth of news. What is at stake in this coming election is too important to be playing games with…because tricks and games are for kids!