Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Progress Won't Stop, Can't Stop!

I am typing furiously right now after reading an article in The Hill discussing Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and his quest to repeal marriage equality in the District of Columbia. He claims that he is doing this in favor of “liberty and small government”. How is repealing marriage in a district you don’t live in acting in the best interest of the citizens in the District? How is that not an invasion of government? You don’t want to provide the District with better schools or voting rights but you feel it’s somehow part of your perverse idea of justice that you intervene when an expansion of rights are underway?

I love how Republicans jump on the band wagon of liberty when their sole mission in life is to make sure that white, wealthy, straight men remain the “haves” and the rest of us remain the “have not’s”. If the system somehow shifted and the playing field was made more level then where would they be? I’ll tell you, they would be left with a mirror to face, left staring at themselves and the years of injustice that they imparted on the rest of “us”. I am tired of their “take back America” bullshit. You mean you want to take it back from the people who built it? You mean you want to take it back from the people who are currently tilling the land, watching your kids, cleaning your house, checking you out at the market?

However, I don’t blame them for their warped perspective on the world. How are they supposed to understand the needs of a land as diverse as America when their party is filled with old, straight, white people, who have an analog perspective on a diverse and digital world? How can they lead this country into the future when their messages are reminiscent of the "Leave it to Beaver era"? They are not just the party of “no” but the party of regression. Someone needs to knock on Jordan’s office door and tell him the hard sad truth; your days on top are numbered. Progress is like a bullet train…you can slow it down, but it won’t be stopped!

And That’s My Two Cents