Friday, April 4, 2008

John McCain and the Un-United States!

And So—Today John McCain was asked by a reporter on the 40th Anniversary of the Assassination of Martin Luther King J.R. why he voted against the MLK holiday in 1983? His response you ask…well this was interesting. He said “I voted against it in my first year of Congress. Then I began to learn. And I studied. And people talked to me.” What??? What was it exactly that McCain did not know that he needed to study? McCain was 32 when Martin Luther King J.R. was assassinated. He was not a small child on a playground oblivious to the world around him…he was an adult…an educated one at that. When the vote on the holiday came in 1983, McCain was 47 years old! What else did he need to learn that he did not learn within the 15 years that had passed since MLK’s assassination??? He should have been embarrassed today to give that response and have the audacity to think that was a sufficient answer to his blatant racist ignorance! He goes on in this interview to continue his defense of the vote by stating that he was in Arizona and there is “just a small population of African Americans” there….does that matter? Are African Americans the only group of people who celebrate MLK’s legacy and learn about it in school???? I don’t think so. John McCain should be ashamed of himself and the state he calls home! Do you want a President with this type of voting history…when America is in desperate need of healing??? I don’t think so!

That’s My Two Cents

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