Monday, September 29, 2008

The Bush who Cried Wolf!!!

And so--- Financial markets tumbled today…and the fairy tale “the boy who cries wolf” can help explain why! How??? You ask…well, let me explain. In the story the young boy feigns danger by saying the wolf is coming, the wolf is coming…and every time he cried the townspeople came running to make sure the boy was ok. But in the end when the wolf really came…no one came to rescue the boy…and sadly he was eaten! Well, fast forward to 2008 for the past 7 and so years the Bush Administration has been that little boy…In 2001 we were attacked…and we went to war in Afghanistan. Then in 2003 the Bush Administration told the American people that Iraq had WMD’s so we moved the war…then a few years later we found out that guess what…there were NO WMD’s. But we remain in IRAQ bombing them to smithereens…while the people who were responsible for the attack regain power and strength and begin to attack all over the world… Then in 2005, Katrina occurred…after the wind died down and the waters stabilized the administration said they could not get into New Orleans to help people….but guess who did???? OPRAH! So, you’re telling me that Oprah was more capable than the Army Reserves????? And then in 2007 the Bush Administration fired several U.S. Attorney’s without clear reason other than the fact that they did not agree with the administration, but when asked for records of why they were fired Bush and his posse claim Executive privlege! …those are just three examples off the top of my head of BUSH lies…

So you wonder why the American people can’t get behind this bailout…because he has cried wolf too many fucking times for the people to understand/believe the severity of this situation…But make no mistake…the WOLF is HERE!!! This is no longer about the Cat’s on Wall Street this is about your jobs, your 401K, Social Security etc…this is the real fucking thing…if Congress doesn’t get a hold of this mess soon we will see massive lay-offs. As was quoted from CNN “if your house is on fire because your kid played with matches…you don’t stand out front of your burning house blaming your spouse leaving the matches out…you get a fire extinguisher and worry about blame later”! Listen, the house is on fire…and the only people who are going to get burned are regular folks…because the fat cats have moved their money offshore to the Cayman’s already!!! And so, I say…understand what is at stake here…it’s not about golden parachutes anymore…it’s about your home, your job, and your future…if we hit bottom there is not telling how long it will take for us to get back up…this is the beginning of a domino effect…this is not 1929 when we were a stand alone economy this is about the GLOBAL economy facing massive lay-offs, oil shortages, food shortages, it all connected!!!! Do the research…

That is my Two Cents!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pimp My Kids!!!

And so--I have never witnessed a political candidate like Sarah Palin in my life! Forget about the picture of her in an American Flag bikini with a gun (Republican Porn), forget about the knocked up daughter, forget about the earmarks for Alaska (there are many), forget about the state investigation (for firing the state commissioner who wouldn't fire her ex brother-in-law...why you ask??? because her sister was going through a divorce..dahhh! Forget about ALL of that...and focus on this...Ms. Alaska Mother of the Year has been using her fucking kids for political gain! I have seen a lot in my small time here on Earth, but this takes the cake.

"Keep families out of the election" that is what she said right??? That's what Republicans said right??? Oh, unless you can tout them for votes...she is carrying that baby with special needs around like her badge of honor! He is a child Palin...not a fucking flag! Has anyone noticed that her knocked up daughter's baby father has been holding her hand since this morning???? Did mommy carry a shotgun over to his home??? that's how small town folks do, right???? "You gone marry my daughter or else"! I am sure that self promoting redneck will make a great pappy! She is marching that poor girl onstage as she is going through this pregnancy in the American that what a caring mother does???? She uses her child's decision to enter into combat as her token campaign slogan that is unbelievable... "This is a private family matter...please give us our privacy" that's what Palin's spokesperson said...Really, I think Britany Spears has done a better job keeping her life "private" than this woman has done to her family...Palin, you make me sick!

I do not want the Republicans to go down in history as the first party to put a woman on the ticket...because she is not worthy of such a place in history...she is a distraction and speed bump at best!!! Some may say "why so angry then TC?" I am angry because I am tired of Republican bullshit...I am tired of them dragging out the flag and telling the rest of us we are unAmerican because we choose College over the armed services....I respect the job of service people...and I am sure they do enter the service hoping to one day exploit their service to win an election...I am tired of being marginalized and feeling like 3/5ths of a human being because I am not straight, white, or is time to take the gloves off Dems and get dirty...if they want to fight...give them a fucking monsoon!!!!

And That's My Two Cents!