Friday, January 8, 2010

Mad as Hell????

And so, I have been on hiatus way to long…so without further ado let me jump in with both feet! Let me begin by saying…where the hell is the change??? Yeah I said it! I said what we have all been quietly murmuring to each other behind closed doors…I voted for Obama not Joe Lieberman and the two women from Maine. So, can someone please explain to me why they seem to be the ones with all the power and a year in my President is still fumbling around in the dark??? We are getting ready for midterm elections and a huge freakin upset, you know why??? Because when you have no job, no retirement, and your selling everything in your house including the kitchen sink to keep a roof over your head you need to blame someone…and for a party who said they were about change they haven’t done a freakin thing worth note in 2009!!!! Ok, so you want to talk about the stimulus package they put forth??? To that I say “show me the money” where did all those billions of dollars go??? They sure as hell didn’t go to the 10% of the population who are out of work!

Now, the banks are off the hook because they are paying their “loans” back so that they don’t have to be accountable to US anymore…like they ever were. How is it that the folks at AIG made so much money off the bailout that they were able to break off and start a new firm??? Do I want to keep giving our new President a break…yes, but not at our expense…he needs to stand up and be a leader not the “king of compromise” I get it you want to show how willing you are to work with “your friends across the aisle” but understand this; they want nothing more then for you to fail and for America to fail and with that I say “F ‘EM” and move on, it’s the only way to play this game and win! I don’t want compromised legislation just because we need a win to tout for our first year…I need something that is going to work for me…like healthcare that isn’t going to send me to the poor house…sick! I need healthcare that is going to treat women like equal citizens and give us the coverage we need for all of our needs. Why is Viagra covered by most insurance companies but birth control and abortion is not???

And now for Marriage Equality…a lesson in lobbying, if you don’t have enough votes DON’T bring your measure to the floor!!! Instead of whining after the fact in the press why not…oh, I don’t know try and create some type of political strategy!!!! Rallies and marches do not win campaigns they are glorified field trips organized so you can wear a witty t-shirt and carry a sign then afterwards go to brunch with your friends and congratulate each other for how “involved” you are in the movement!

Here’s an idea if you keep losing with the same strategy over and over and over again then try something NEW!!! Putting a bunch of well-off white men in front of a camera to shout about their lack of rights is NOT GOING TO CHANGE HEARTS AND MINDS!!! You know why?? Because pretty much every group of people in this country have been at some point screwed over by a white man….from Columbus to Bush!!!! Yeah, I said it because it’s the truth! You need a two-prong approach. Political and PR… because your PR campaign alone ain’t cutting it! We are in the midst of a gorilla war with the Right and they are winning with the same playbook they have been using for decades and we are still trying to “coordinate our efforts and have meetings about it”…when you are at war there is no time for a chat! Where is the umph? Where is the gusto? Portugal just passed their marriage equality measure today and they are one of the most conservative countries in Western Europe…and we can’t manage to find the votes in NY and NJ??? WTF!!!!

It is a New Year people and it is time for us to stop waiting for the glorious knight to save us…we need to save ourselves! The fact of the matter is our elected officials don’t know anymore than we do…and they have shown us that they are not leaders at all but a bunch a high priced call girls that are easily swayed by anyone with a dollar!!!! You voted for change, well guess what YOU are the CHANGE you have been waiting for…so GET INFORMED, GET UP, AND DO SOMETHING!!!! Oh, BTW Happy Freakin New Year!!!!!

And That’s My Two Cents!