Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Reflection

What if you were to wake today and stumble sleepy eyed over to the alarm clock and hit snooze…only to wake again…10 minutes later from the cozy cocoon you call a bed to hit the alarm for a final time. With heavy, sleep filled feet you walk slowly to the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth…when you look up to wipe off the excess toothpaste from the corner of your mouth you see an envelope taped to the mirror with your name on it…but what lies inside is not a note from your lover…but a note from an angel saying that tomorrow will be your last day in human form…that it’s time for you to leave this Earthly place. What if that was how death came…gentle, soft, and with a day to prepare, to pack and to leave…as if you were going on vacation…how would you leave? Would you leave the same way you came in? Kicking and screaming? Would you have one big dinner with family and friends, dance, sing and drink late into the night…so that you all could catch that one perfect sunrise together before you left?

With each passing day millions of people leave this Earth and most days unless they are close to us we continue on our path…rushing to Starbucks, jumping on the subway before the doors close, finishing a paper for class…nothing much changes with us. I think it should. I think that with each person that passes or is struck with illness…we should pause, we should reflect on the way we are living our lives…that’s what deaths should be…a time to meditate on life… whether close to you or not…it should be looked at as an opportunity for you to take a moment and ask yourself…a simple question. “Am I living my life’s potential?” Are you living your truth? We are not given an infinite amount of time on this planet…and most days we take that reality is taken for granted. So, today I ask that you reflect on your time spent… and time left and live each day honestly, truthfully and peacefully...giving as much as you take, and loving as hard and as full as your heart will allow…so that if you wake and there is a note on your mirror, you can say with a smile “I lived as full as I could, and loved as deep as my heart would allow and now it’s time to rest”!

I dedicate this passage to Anna. A woman I have never met, but who is about to embark on a journey that will take all her might to win. Namaste


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Tammi said...

Very beautiful post, thanks Danielle:)