Monday, March 31, 2008

Get out of My Box!

And so—the media has been at it again…what is their fascination with putting voters into a box? We have Black voters, Single voters, Asian voters, gay voters and the list goes on. Why can’t I just be a voter? Why is it necessary for me to fall into a category of voter in order for my vote to count? Does that mean that all people lumped into a box think the same? And if we all think the same way and are going to vote the same way then where is the need for particular parties to work for our vote. Historically Black people as a “group” have voted Democratic. Because of this pattern of voting the Democrats as a whole don’t need to work for the Black vote and Republicans don’t bother to go after it…because what’s the point.

The issue of checking a box doesn’t just apply to voting… it’s in every facet of American society. If you don’t check a box then we don’t know who or what you are and then we can’t judge you. We have age boxes—if your 18-24, 24-30, 30-36, you’re going to buy, eat, and date this way. Job applications have boxes, MYSPACE has boxes, and Homeowner applications have boxes…what’s next the grocery store? So, the media can report on which fabric softener Single Asian Muslim women buy? Why is that data important or relevant? As we move into a more globalized, multi-racial and multi-ethnic society will our obsession with boxes be mitigated or multiplied?

I say this to all people that mindlessly check boxes… “Stop for a second before you place that check and ask why is this information important”? If you find out that only a particular group likes a certain type of music will that change your taste in that genre? It probably won’t…and if it does change your taste… then… you’re pretty lame and should stop reading my blog immediately… and should check to see where you left your independence! To all the proponents of categorization…Get out of my Box! If you want to know what I think…ask me. I am always pleased to give you my two cents!


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rattan said...

As a south asian single man in the 18-25 age group, i think that you have hit the spot on this one. This compartmentalization of society has got to stop somewhere. In this so-called "salad bowl" of a community we live in, we have got to stop grouping all the lettuce together and making a special effort to accentuate its differences from all the tomatoes. (I think i'm craving lunch)