Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coming to a T.V. near YOU...

And so—there has been a lot going on in the news and it’s ONLY Tuesday…so buckle up, because something is telling T.C. it’s going to be a loooong week! There has been enough drama in the news… that you will have no need to turn on Lifetime…just watch CNN! First, the Pennsylvania primaries have come and gone and guess what??? NOTHING has changed! The pundits have debated at length on the importance of this primary. Here is T.C.’s quick and dirty take from Pennsylvania…OBAMA is still ahead! So she [HRC] can cheer and drink beer and shoot ducks all she wants between here and North Carolina but numbers don’t lie!

Ok, moving on…to Rev. Wright! So at first when this entire media storm hit the fan I was all for the “good Reverend’s” right to speak on whatever he wanted in his church. I was all for freedom of speech, religion, etc… and felt that the media was once again playing clips of his rant on a 24/7 cycle for ratings and the character assassination of Obama. However, T.C. has had a change of heart….why you ask?? Because Rev. Wright is lapping up the media spotlight right now like a cross between Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg! That man is everywhere…he’s at the NAACP awards which for the record… are never televised but were for his appearance, he’s at the National Press club, Howard University and so on! I am just waiting on him to become the next reality show on the E! Channel… “Wright’s ‘Hood” produced by Ryan Seacrest! He is doing more harm than good…with his continued rants; but when you catch a case of the “15 minute fame bug” there is no telling what you will do to stay in the news…just look at the cast of “Flavor of Love”. Something is telling me that the “Good Rev” ain’t going anywhere… anytime soon.

Next in the news…Oh Miley! Miley Cyrus the famed daughter of the one and only “achy breaky heart” Billy Ray has made headlines…why you ask? Well, because she did a spread in Vanity Fair where it appears that she is topless. Now, this generally would not be a big deal except the “Tween Queen” is only 15 years old. I am all for art…I think the nude human figure is beautiful except when it’s…well…jailbait! However, it was a mistake, one that she is embarrassed about…T.C. says “give her a break, it’s not like she’s a Spear’s…it was art misinterpreted…not a porno”!

Finally…remember when HRC said that Rev. Wright “would never be my minister”??? Well, turns out I wouldn’t want her claimed religious guide as mine either. Why? Because he was just sentenced to 3 years in prison for molestation! My advice for HRC never “throws stones”! Rev. Wright may have made comments that offended some people but all he did was talk…

Ask yourself this dear reader…why wasn’t this little misstep big news??? Be inquisitive and ask the hard questions…and always put in your two cents!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This Land is Your Land!!!!

And so—Today is April 22nd…does anyone know why today is important???? Today is Earth Day! It’s the one day that we are supposed to pay attention to the Earth…you know, not litter, spit, smoke, drive a hummer etc. Over the past year or two every magazine and news report has mentioned the importance of decreasing our “carbon foot print” and tips on “how to go green”. But at the end of the day what is the importance of Earth Day? Is it to remind us how we are continually year after year mucking up our environment? Is it for the benefit of corporate America to market their latest “eco-friendly” sneaker, car, yoga mat, or iPod to us?

Take a minute today and think about the Earth…think about what the concept of “Green” really is and who it is helping. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift in our society…however when we shift there are things that fall through the cracks. In our rush to the latest “Green” item… take a moment this Earth Day to think about those communities that do not have the organic market... let alone fresh produce in their local store! Think about those who are still riding in diesel busses that are causing respiration difficulties which in turn causes them to miss work and lose money and potentially a job. Think about the children that are playing on a cement playground next to a landfill or chemical plant. Take time this Earth day to reflect on those people who are being left behind in our transformation to our emergent “Green” economy. It will be these underserved communities that have less to do with global warming… that will be the ones to pay the most for it… and lose their edge on being a part of the middle class due to rising energy costs... that force them back into living check to check. When energy costs rise and gas prices rise it’s not just your utility bill that will suffer it’s your food cost, medical cost, transportation, clothing etc.

Take time to think this Earth Day... think about how we can use the emergence of this “Green” economy to lift underserved communities out of poverty and make sure that we all have the revenue and possibility of going “Green”! Happy Earth Day Everyone!


Monday, April 21, 2008


And so—As you all may know…unless of course you have been living underneath a rock in the country side of Lithuania… without access to any form of media… tomorrow is the Pennsylvania showdown between Obama and Clinton… for the past few months the media has inundated us with whether or not America is more racist or sexist and frankly I am F*%KING exhausted! … So, I decided that we are in need of break from the political nightmare we call the primaries! And so, Two Cents is going to stray from politics for the day and indulge in my other obsessions…luxury living and the return of the BEST show on T.V. to date…I’ll give you a hint…XOXO!

Now that the writer’s strikes have finally ended…We will no longer be subjected to marathons of Deal or No Deal and which American wants to embarrass themselves more by going up against a 5th Grader…and losing! We can now relish in the return of our favorite T.V. shows and watch our waistlines expand as we once again become ONE with our couches and the takeout menu! So without further ado… I have a confession… for the longest time yours truly was embarrassed to say that the new teen drama on the CW was my favorite show…but I have decided to face the light and come clean… here it goes…(deep breath) I am in love with GOSSIP GIRL! There I said it…and I am not ashamed…why? Because it is the best show ever!!!

Long gone are the days of waiting around for… like the 200th episode of 90210 for Donna Martin to lose her virginity and for Dylan and Brenda to sleep together…Oh no, Gossip Girl which is set in the posh upper east side of Manhattan had an attempted suicide, attempted date rape, the return of the school slut, the dethroning of the Queen of Mean, pregnancy scares, and a coke addict dad…all in its first 12 episodes!!! These kids aren’t wearing loud polka dot shirts with spandex either (although T.C. does Love the 90’s)! The wardrobe on this show puts all other teen drama’s to shame…The fashion on this show rivals that of Sex and the City and the Devil Wear’s Prada…need I say more to have you tune in??? And the writing ain’t bad either. You have the witty repartee of the brilliant but cancelled Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip with the style and grace of a Vogue photo spread…I kid you not! So tune in to the CW for this deliciously addictive new hit…

And if Gossip Girl does not give you your luxury voyeurism fix you need to log onto http://www.quintessentially.com/ this site is unbelievable! So, if you are fortunate enough to have loot to spare than I highly recommend becoming an exclusive member of this lavish club. Quintessentially garners itself as an exclusive club for people "who believe life is too short to waste time on the mundane or second best"! They are a 24 hour concierge service…these people can get you everything from a Louis Vuitton tote for your Chihuahua to a helicopter pick from the Maldives…yeah it’s THAT exclusive. They also have levels of membership…and with this club membership does have its privileges…like front row tickets for Gucci’s fall fashion show at Bryant Park! So, if Gossip Girl has you wondering what it would be like to live the high society life…wonder no more…log on to quintessentially.com This site will definitely have you questioning if working in the public sector, carrying a hemp bag, and going to all those pesky protests, in the rain... was the best idea!

Love your favorite Polticonista,

Monday, April 14, 2008

Bitter??...Hell Yeah!

And so—I apologize for the absence of my blog last week but T.C. was under the weather…but never fear…I am germ free and back in the swing! And I couldn’t have picked a better week to put my Two Cents in then this one…So, without further ado…to the news we go! First, Ann Coulter and the topless depiction of her in the Wall Street Journal…all I can say is “PRICELESS”! Next, “Bitter Bowl 2008”! So, Obama made comments at a San Francisco fundraiser claiming that “small town folks” in the Midwest may have swallowed a bitter pill…. He also made mention of guns, religion, and fear of the unknown…yup, I believe that sums it up. Now, were his comments a bit harsh….ummmmm…NO! Why, you ask…let me give you a pop quiz.

Question 1:
Have people in the Midwest lost the most jobs of Americans in our ever shifting economy?

Question 2:
Do a lot of people in the Midwest own guns?

Question 3:
Are the majority of Midwestern people linked to one racial group?

Question 4:
Is there a dense population of churches in the Midwest?

If you answered yes to these questions without having to Google “Midwest” then you passed the quiz! The reality is obvious…the Midwest is not the most diverse place in the U.S. A lot of the blue collar workers living in this region have lost their jobs…and generally loss of income makes us bitter people!...Especially when we have candidates that come to talk to this region of the country conveniently around election time and blame their lot in life on immigration, gays, and abortion. America is bitter! We are bitter about the war, school shootings, foreclosures, job loss, etc. and trying to pretend that we are all content with our lives and that Obama is an elitist is just as ridiculous as picturing Hillary Clinton squatting behind a bush with a rifle! Once again…let’s return to the issues of the day…education, health care, recession, and leave the name calling, hair pulling, and finger pointing to the return of new Gossip Girl episodes on the CW…XOXO!


Friday, April 4, 2008

John McCain and the Un-United States!

And So—Today John McCain was asked by a reporter on the 40th Anniversary of the Assassination of Martin Luther King J.R. why he voted against the MLK holiday in 1983? His response you ask…well this was interesting. He said “I voted against it in my first year of Congress. Then I began to learn. And I studied. And people talked to me.” What??? What was it exactly that McCain did not know that he needed to study? McCain was 32 when Martin Luther King J.R. was assassinated. He was not a small child on a playground oblivious to the world around him…he was an adult…an educated one at that. When the vote on the holiday came in 1983, McCain was 47 years old! What else did he need to learn that he did not learn within the 15 years that had passed since MLK’s assassination??? He should have been embarrassed today to give that response and have the audacity to think that was a sufficient answer to his blatant racist ignorance! He goes on in this interview to continue his defense of the vote by stating that he was in Arizona and there is “just a small population of African Americans” there….does that matter? Are African Americans the only group of people who celebrate MLK’s legacy and learn about it in school???? I don’t think so. John McCain should be ashamed of himself and the state he calls home! Do you want a President with this type of voting history…when America is in desperate need of healing??? I don’t think so!

That’s My Two Cents

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Move B!#CH Get Out the WAY!

Hillary Clinton was quoted as saying to Bill Richardson that “He [Obama] can’t win…he just can’t win”. As Yosemite Sam always said “Them be Fightin’ words”! Well, $40 Million raised in March by the Obama campaign says otherwise. As the Clinton’s once again deflect questions of their finances and face rumors of going “broke” because of their campaign… and continue on their mission to bring the Democratic party down with divisiveness, more 3 a.m. phone calls, strong arming, and to put it bluntly…the worse case of hubris ever seen. The American people continue to put their faith and money elsewhere. Why does Hillary Clinton feel so entitled to this nomination? Why was it ok for President Clinton to say “it’s her time”? Why, because of their 30 year plan?? Well, not everything we hope for… works out!

There was a time not too long ago when I believed in Hillary Clinton. There was a time when I felt honored as an American voter to have for the first time two outstanding candidates to choose from. There was a time when I would have been happy with either one of them at the top of the Presidential ticket, but she ended that a few months ago. She ended that when she shouted “shame on you Barack Obama” at a campaign rally after exclaiming the night before on stage at a debate that she was “honored” to be sitting there with him on stage… before she continued the race war by commenting that “Reverend Wright would never be my pastor!” It’s so confusing to figure out which side of her mouth she is talking out of…when should I believe her? When she is dodging bullets and doing the army crawl in Bosnia?

Pundits and reporters alike continue to speculate on whether or not she will leave the race…and if so will she be able to repair the damage she has done to her image? I doubt HRC will leave this race unless she is dragged off of the stage at convention kicking and screaming “I’m number 1”…losing is not in the Clinton vocabulary…and generally speaking that would be a good thing…to never give up…except when you’re a public servant who is supposed to bend to the will of the people and put their best interest ahead of your own. Is she hoping and praying in Tonya [Harding] like fashion that even if Obama does happen to win that she will have damaged his campaign so much that she will be able to takeover after four years of McCain and then tell the American people “I told you so”? Hillary Clinton is no longer the fierce feminist I thought she was when I was young in the 90’s. She is just another rich, privileged, woman riding off of her husbands name… hey, maybe if the nomination doesn’t work out in her favor she can audition for Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City 2!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hillary Balboa…and the Fight for Superdelegates!

And so—I was reading the Huffington Post and saw an article where Hillary Clinton has most recently compared herself to Rocky Balboa…really! She went on in the article to discuss that she is a fighter and said “would Rocky have run half way up the Philadelphia steps and turned around…no… and neither will I”. Great Hill, you’re a fighter…we get it. But at what expense are you going to continue the destruction of the Democratic Party??? And wait a minute…when Rocky was fighting it was because he wanted to prove that he was a champion…key word being HE not “we” as in “yes we can”. He was fighting for himself…not for the greater good of the boxing community. On second thought maybe Hill is more like Rocky than I thought. Her nomination has more to do with her desire to win the nomination... at any cost than with the desire of the American people.

Her craving to be President has to do with the Clinton’s 30 year personal plan…it has nothing to do with their plans to better America or bring solutions! If they cared about the American people then they would not be trying to throw their weight around Washington to strong arm Superdelegates into the Clinton camp! The fact that they are relying on Superdelegates goes to show us once and for all that this nomination is not about the American people and “change” politics…no, this is about business as usual and cronyism.

James Carville, a longtime Clintonite, called Bill Richardson “Judas” for Christ sake!!! Why? Because he [Richardson] decided to side with the American people and back Obama instead of Hillary for the nomination. When Carville was asked by Anderson Cooper on 360 “why the strong words” Carville’s response… Richardson “owed” the Clintons for all they have done for him! “Owed” them…really? Not because she is most qualified or because he believes in her vision for America but because the Clinton’s did him a favor? Favoritism and cronyism is exactly what the Bush administration has run on for the past 7 years…and yet Hillary claims to be bigger and better than Bush??? With solutions to change America??? I don’t think so. It’s fortunate for us that there is a real change agent in this race and we are not stuck choosing the better of two evils. If Hillary Clinton wants to compare herself to an athlete I have a better one…Tonya Harding! She is wielding a big sledge hammer right now… and with ever snip and lie she is chipping away at the Democratic Party and our ability to win the White House!

That’s My Two Cents!