Thursday, April 3, 2008

Move B!#CH Get Out the WAY!

Hillary Clinton was quoted as saying to Bill Richardson that “He [Obama] can’t win…he just can’t win”. As Yosemite Sam always said “Them be Fightin’ words”! Well, $40 Million raised in March by the Obama campaign says otherwise. As the Clinton’s once again deflect questions of their finances and face rumors of going “broke” because of their campaign… and continue on their mission to bring the Democratic party down with divisiveness, more 3 a.m. phone calls, strong arming, and to put it bluntly…the worse case of hubris ever seen. The American people continue to put their faith and money elsewhere. Why does Hillary Clinton feel so entitled to this nomination? Why was it ok for President Clinton to say “it’s her time”? Why, because of their 30 year plan?? Well, not everything we hope for… works out!

There was a time not too long ago when I believed in Hillary Clinton. There was a time when I felt honored as an American voter to have for the first time two outstanding candidates to choose from. There was a time when I would have been happy with either one of them at the top of the Presidential ticket, but she ended that a few months ago. She ended that when she shouted “shame on you Barack Obama” at a campaign rally after exclaiming the night before on stage at a debate that she was “honored” to be sitting there with him on stage… before she continued the race war by commenting that “Reverend Wright would never be my pastor!” It’s so confusing to figure out which side of her mouth she is talking out of…when should I believe her? When she is dodging bullets and doing the army crawl in Bosnia?

Pundits and reporters alike continue to speculate on whether or not she will leave the race…and if so will she be able to repair the damage she has done to her image? I doubt HRC will leave this race unless she is dragged off of the stage at convention kicking and screaming “I’m number 1”…losing is not in the Clinton vocabulary…and generally speaking that would be a good thing…to never give up…except when you’re a public servant who is supposed to bend to the will of the people and put their best interest ahead of your own. Is she hoping and praying in Tonya [Harding] like fashion that even if Obama does happen to win that she will have damaged his campaign so much that she will be able to takeover after four years of McCain and then tell the American people “I told you so”? Hillary Clinton is no longer the fierce feminist I thought she was when I was young in the 90’s. She is just another rich, privileged, woman riding off of her husbands name… hey, maybe if the nomination doesn’t work out in her favor she can audition for Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City 2!


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Remi said...

I've been way tired of Hillary awhile ago....I always get turned off by negativity and hers has been through the fricken roof.