Friday, July 11, 2008

Stop your Whining????

And so—let me begin this post by saying…this entry will not be nice! T.C. has a lot of pent up frustration that is dying to come out…Issue 1) Jesse Jackson and his “nuts” comment about Obama. Let me give you some background. Jesse Jackson was on Fox news doing an interview. When the interview was over he thought his microphone was off…big mistake! So, he leaned over and commented that Obama has been “lecturing to black people and that he wanted to cut his nuts off”! Oh that’s right, let’s persecute Obama for making a justified statement that places responsibility where it should be. There comes a time when you have to start looking at the choices you are making and how those choices are affecting the people and the community around you. Yes, there are a lot of systemic problems that are in communities of color; however there are a lot choices that can be made to lessen these problems…such as sticking around when you get a woman pregnant, not buying the blinged out watch when you live in your momma’s house and don’t pay rent, like purposefully not doing well in school so you don’t seem white, like not hanging out on the street all day when you could be looking for work!

I can say this…why you ask??? Because I see this shit every freakin’ day when I am coming and going from my home. It infuriates me…and yes, I am pissed and yes, if I had a pulpit I would preach from it…the system is broken! I am aware of that; but when shit breaks you don’t wait for it to get fixed while your laying on your back…you get up and you figure out what you can do to make your life a little bit better….yes, even if you have never seen anyone around you do better, you need to try. Because people died to give you this opportunity—to go to school, vote, work, marry etc. They marched, bled, were hung, and they did not do this so young black kids could stand in front of the FUCKING 7 ELEVEN and smoke a blunt while hollering at every young woman that walks by!!!!!!!!!

Issue 2) Viagra and McCain—Senator McCain voted for a measure that gave insurance companies the choice not to cover women who seek birth control…wait for it… it gets better. However, Viagra is covered! Can we talk about some nonsensical bullshit! Insurance companies will make sure that old men can get it up—but won’t cover the necessity of birth control for women to make sure they don’t get pregnant?? Do you want to know what McCain said on the issue???? Nothing, he bumbled like a freakin’ idiot saying he “would look into it” look into what??? Look into the fact that even though it is 2008 the government still does not want to protect women…but will sure as hell make it a priority for men to keep having sex way pass their prime? He makes me sick!

Issue 3) Bush and the EPA—So, Bush comes back from the G8 conference with a great announcement…he is not going to do shit about global warming! Instead he is going to comment on how Congress needs to let America drill into Alaska and offshore for oil that we won’t see for 7-10 years. Oh and in the meantime we can pollute more places by accidental spills…as long as his cronies in the oil industry get the business; who cares about the environment! The EPA instead of acting on the crisis we are currently in has decided to look into the matter for a few more months! Really, well maybe by then Polar bears will be extinct, there will be a tornado in Brooklyn and the middle class in America will be a fairy tale you tell your kids at night while you tuck them into the back seat of your car which is now their makeshift bed because you lost your house because you had to make the tough decision between gas and your mortgage! But you know McCain’s top economic advisor Phil Gramm is probably right…The recession that we are in…is all in my head, I am making this up. I am an economic hypochondriac! I am just daydreaming when I see gas at over $4 a gallon, I am just hallucinating when I go to the grocery store and milk costs as much as gas…America is just a bunch of whiners and we need to just suck it up! I have two words for Phil Gramm…FUCK OFF!

The problems that this country is facing today are huge…and we need a candidate who is going to take his head out of the sand and make real decisions about our future right now. Fuck the rhetoric, the speeches, and the quips back and forth! Let’s get real before it is too late…don’t be one of those people who say that their opting out of voting this year because politicians aren’t about shit or because you don’t know enough…we have 24 hour news for fuck sake…you don’t have any excuses and neither do your friends or family! Get up, get out and do something…because the economic state that we are in is real, and if it hasn’t hit you yet this blog hopefully has!

And that’s my Two Cents!