Friday, August 22, 2008

Today is the Gayest Day EVER!!!

And so—Today is a spectacular day!!! On the cover of People magazine the largest mainstream celebrity magazine…is the wedding of Ellen and Portia! This is a huge deal… Some of you may say who cares...who actually reads People magazine???? A lot of people…do you know that in every grocery store line there are average Americans buying milk and seeing the first high profile gay wedding pics!!! It is moments like this that give T.C. a little hope….that we are making great steps towards inclusion of gays and lesbians in the U.S. Also, in addition to People magazine recognizing that gays are people too…Hallmark the largest gift card manufacturer has announced that they are releasing a line of Same Sex wedding cards…Oh, T.C. feels the wind changing…..this is an amazing time!!!! Grab this moment in time by the horns and make sure that you and every person you have ever known in your life votes this November…As Americans it is time that we make a move towards change...and that change is Barack Obama!

The world is no longer blind…we have eyes wide open and are moving at a rate that was never thought possible…Same Sex Marriage being recognized in more countries every year…massive attention being paid to our energy crisis…hundreds of thousands of people gathering with baited breath just to get a glimpse of Obama…the world is ready for change…and it is time that we make up for the bullshit blunder of the past two elections and use 2008 to get it right!

Tonight…let’s raise a glass to the steps mainstream America is making…and in November let’s seal the deal!


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