Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New You!

And So—It has been a million years since I have laid down my two cents…So without further ado here we go. 2008 by most measures absolutely sucked! For one we found out that we had been in a recession since December 2007, the DOW dropped over 10,000 points, Sarah Palin was given a microphone, gay marriage ended in California, and so on…it was not a good year. However there was a high point…what you ask…well, America finally came to its senses and came out in droves to vote for Barack Obama!!! Who 40 years after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. will become America’s first African American President! Now, that my friends make all the other bullshit we dealt with in 2008 worth it!!

It is time the shed the cynicism of 2008 and look to the change that is 2009. And when I say shed cynicism—I am talking about yoursJ it’s my job to be cynical! Ok, so let’s begin…January is a fantastic time to get all the shit that has been clogging up your life in order and out of the way…so you can be your most fantabulous you! Start a new routine…like not putting up with other people’s shit. If you’re like me and are sick of the bullshit they put on the “news” then write in…blog, do a podcast… get angry, and instead of bottling that anger up where it will do ABSOLUTELY no good, but ferment (and not like a yummy Malbec) and then ooze out into other areas of your life. Put that anger to good use…if you feel like the world is going to hell in a hand basket then do something about it…you may not be able to change the world but you can change your impact on it!

Next, we need to get healthy as a country…the burgers and fries thing has got to go…I am tired of people using the excuse that they are “big boned”! Our bones are all the same size it’s the fucking meat around it that’s the problem which in turn puts crazy pressure on your bones and joints…pull yourself together this year…and say “no more excuses”! If you say “but TC I have no time”…I say “that’s bullshit” if you do not have time in your life for you…whether that be 20 min or an hour to just focus on you and your physical well being then something is wrong in your life…and you need to become a priority on your “honey do list”!

Finally, this is the year to “get up, get out and fucking do something”. Barack inspired us all to reclaim our country and say “no more” to the ideologies of the past, but this commitment to change did not end on November 4th. He created the momentum we needed to start believing and caring again…but it is up to all of us to keep this vibe going! Find something to contribute your time to this year…don’t just give money and then turn a blind eye…get involved in something…allow a cause to overwhelm you to the point of action! Here is wishing you all a Happier, Healthier, and more complete YOU this year!

And That’s My Two Cents!