Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coming to a T.V. near YOU...

And so—there has been a lot going on in the news and it’s ONLY Tuesday…so buckle up, because something is telling T.C. it’s going to be a loooong week! There has been enough drama in the news… that you will have no need to turn on Lifetime…just watch CNN! First, the Pennsylvania primaries have come and gone and guess what??? NOTHING has changed! The pundits have debated at length on the importance of this primary. Here is T.C.’s quick and dirty take from Pennsylvania…OBAMA is still ahead! So she [HRC] can cheer and drink beer and shoot ducks all she wants between here and North Carolina but numbers don’t lie!

Ok, moving on…to Rev. Wright! So at first when this entire media storm hit the fan I was all for the “good Reverend’s” right to speak on whatever he wanted in his church. I was all for freedom of speech, religion, etc… and felt that the media was once again playing clips of his rant on a 24/7 cycle for ratings and the character assassination of Obama. However, T.C. has had a change of heart….why you ask?? Because Rev. Wright is lapping up the media spotlight right now like a cross between Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg! That man is everywhere…he’s at the NAACP awards which for the record… are never televised but were for his appearance, he’s at the National Press club, Howard University and so on! I am just waiting on him to become the next reality show on the E! Channel… “Wright’s ‘Hood” produced by Ryan Seacrest! He is doing more harm than good…with his continued rants; but when you catch a case of the “15 minute fame bug” there is no telling what you will do to stay in the news…just look at the cast of “Flavor of Love”. Something is telling me that the “Good Rev” ain’t going anywhere… anytime soon.

Next in the news…Oh Miley! Miley Cyrus the famed daughter of the one and only “achy breaky heart” Billy Ray has made headlines…why you ask? Well, because she did a spread in Vanity Fair where it appears that she is topless. Now, this generally would not be a big deal except the “Tween Queen” is only 15 years old. I am all for art…I think the nude human figure is beautiful except when it’s…well…jailbait! However, it was a mistake, one that she is embarrassed about…T.C. says “give her a break, it’s not like she’s a Spear’s…it was art misinterpreted…not a porno”!

Finally…remember when HRC said that Rev. Wright “would never be my minister”??? Well, turns out I wouldn’t want her claimed religious guide as mine either. Why? Because he was just sentenced to 3 years in prison for molestation! My advice for HRC never “throws stones”! Rev. Wright may have made comments that offended some people but all he did was talk…

Ask yourself this dear reader…why wasn’t this little misstep big news??? Be inquisitive and ask the hard questions…and always put in your two cents!


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