Friday, August 22, 2008

Don't Step on my Ferragamo Shoes!!!!

And so—T.C. is wondering today how rich is rich??? Well according to John McCain that magic answer is $5 Million…What? In order for this Ferragamo wearing, private jet owning, marry for money, candidate to consider you rich you need to have $5 million in the bank…Really! But Obama is the elitist right? Obama who recently paid off his student loans through his book sales…Obama who owns one home…not seven!

McCain is beyond out of touch…when asked how many homes he and his Barbie wife own his response was “I don’t know you will have to ask my staff”…that’s almost as good as when Paris Hilton didn’t realize that her license was suspended because you know “she doesn’t handle that kind of stuff”. Why you ask?? Because rich people can defer questions and average responsibility to their “staff” so they can be consumed with more important matters like finding ways not to disclose their tax information so that the average poor schmuck voter think that you are just like them! McCain is about as far removed from reality as a celebutante…he stumbles over questions, has the occasional outburst, doesn’t know anything about geography, and married rich…actually I think that John McCain maybe the biggest Desperate Housewife of all! Oh, and did I mention that he doesn’t know how to use the internet??? Why would he need to bother himself with a place that is just boiling over with information??? Oh, possibly because he is running for President! This man is an embarrassment to himself and the rest of the silly elephants who clap for him…

More importantly instead of dealing with McCain it is time for Obama to come out swinging…you only get one shot at this and NOW is his time! With Convention coming in just a few days it’s time for the Obama camp to finish McCain off once and for all…How do they do this you ask??? Simple, start talking about all the issues with clear cut plans while simultaneously highlighting how out of touch McCain is and painting a clear picture of what America will look like under his control! It’s time to remove the gloves and get this party started…I want Obama to wow the shit out of me next week…like he has done in the past. And show America that he is their only hope for change!!!


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