Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where is the real news???

And so—T.C. has decided to emerge from a long slumber to grace your inboxes again with some comments…who am I kidding…some rants! So, without further ado let us begin. First, on the Olympics…the opening ceremony was the most amazing thing I have ever watched…however, I found it extremely difficult to focus with all the fucking commentary from U.S. news anchors dismissing the pure brilliance of the Chinese and instead discussing a bunch of B.S. Yes, the Chinese have done a lot of things that may make your skin crawl…but let us not forget the U.S. scandal on human rights issues at Abu Ghraib…don’t throw stones! Moving on in Olympic news Usain Bolt’s finish in the 100m…yes, he was cocky...but if you have watched sprinters over I don’t know ALL of the Olympics-- that is how they are…next…Gymnastic judges---THEY SUCK!

Now, that I have returned from a much needed vacay…I am back to watching the news…as it turns out Obama is now behind in the polls. There was an article in the Huffpo yesterday discussing how when it comes close to the elections and there is a black candidate… self promoting white liberals tend to get a little squeamish when it comes to voting for the black guy…you know, liberal out front but really a closeted “good ol’ boy”! Why is it that when the media reports on white’s they are allowed to be broken down it to types but blacks are just “black voters” with no difference in opinion??? Anyway, the fact of this election comes down to Obama being the best candidate…and if mainstream America votes McCain in…that will be the final sign of the apocalypse! Voting for a man that sang a song entitled “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran” just because he is “white and safe” is absolutely crazy! I will honestly lose the last shred of hope that I have left in the American people if this is their choice! He stumbles in interviews…has “senior moments” constantly, has no geographical understanding of where countries are located…and lies about the experiences he had in a POW camp…I can’t believe that this is who Americans feel safe with…and for those of you who are still undecided, a message “take your fucking head out of the sand and get informed”! There are no excuses anymore to be ignorant there is 24hour news channels and this little thing called the internet for fucksake!

And finally the media…Check your God damn sources before you report! Not but a short while ago they reported that Rep. Tubbs-Jones from Ohio had died when in fact she is in critical condition in the hospital…Have some thought before you go rushing to print…we want the correct and accurate information not fast food news…if I wanted fries with my reporting I would watch Fox not CNN! And that’s my two cents…


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