Monday, April 21, 2008


And so—As you all may know…unless of course you have been living underneath a rock in the country side of Lithuania… without access to any form of media… tomorrow is the Pennsylvania showdown between Obama and Clinton… for the past few months the media has inundated us with whether or not America is more racist or sexist and frankly I am F*%KING exhausted! … So, I decided that we are in need of break from the political nightmare we call the primaries! And so, Two Cents is going to stray from politics for the day and indulge in my other obsessions…luxury living and the return of the BEST show on T.V. to date…I’ll give you a hint…XOXO!

Now that the writer’s strikes have finally ended…We will no longer be subjected to marathons of Deal or No Deal and which American wants to embarrass themselves more by going up against a 5th Grader…and losing! We can now relish in the return of our favorite T.V. shows and watch our waistlines expand as we once again become ONE with our couches and the takeout menu! So without further ado… I have a confession… for the longest time yours truly was embarrassed to say that the new teen drama on the CW was my favorite show…but I have decided to face the light and come clean… here it goes…(deep breath) I am in love with GOSSIP GIRL! There I said it…and I am not ashamed…why? Because it is the best show ever!!!

Long gone are the days of waiting around for… like the 200th episode of 90210 for Donna Martin to lose her virginity and for Dylan and Brenda to sleep together…Oh no, Gossip Girl which is set in the posh upper east side of Manhattan had an attempted suicide, attempted date rape, the return of the school slut, the dethroning of the Queen of Mean, pregnancy scares, and a coke addict dad…all in its first 12 episodes!!! These kids aren’t wearing loud polka dot shirts with spandex either (although T.C. does Love the 90’s)! The wardrobe on this show puts all other teen drama’s to shame…The fashion on this show rivals that of Sex and the City and the Devil Wear’s Prada…need I say more to have you tune in??? And the writing ain’t bad either. You have the witty repartee of the brilliant but cancelled Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip with the style and grace of a Vogue photo spread…I kid you not! So tune in to the CW for this deliciously addictive new hit…

And if Gossip Girl does not give you your luxury voyeurism fix you need to log onto this site is unbelievable! So, if you are fortunate enough to have loot to spare than I highly recommend becoming an exclusive member of this lavish club. Quintessentially garners itself as an exclusive club for people "who believe life is too short to waste time on the mundane or second best"! They are a 24 hour concierge service…these people can get you everything from a Louis Vuitton tote for your Chihuahua to a helicopter pick from the Maldives…yeah it’s THAT exclusive. They also have levels of membership…and with this club membership does have its privileges…like front row tickets for Gucci’s fall fashion show at Bryant Park! So, if Gossip Girl has you wondering what it would be like to live the high society life…wonder no more…log on to This site will definitely have you questioning if working in the public sector, carrying a hemp bag, and going to all those pesky protests, in the rain... was the best idea!

Love your favorite Polticonista,

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kelly said...

So we're finally seeing the other cent........ Thank you!!!