Friday, October 3, 2008

The Celebration of Mediocrity!

And so—it amazes me how far the fight for women’s equality fell last night. With every bat of her eyelashes and ever wink that Palin made… she put women back 10 years in the fight for equality. For far too long women have had to fight to be taken seriously in the workplace…to be thought of as more than competent to lead…Last night Palin, stole any bit of progress that Hillary Clinton’s campaign made. Hillary is a serious woman who was not running to be the first woman President but instead running to Be President! It sickened me to watch Palin use her sexuality to deter from the fact that she couldn’t answer a straight question…that every time the subject strayed from Energy she brought it right back…regardless if we were talking about Afghanistan or not. I am not impressed that after 4 days of cramming with McCain’s cronies that her colleagues said her performance was “good enough”. Do you want a VP… or potential President to be “good enough”? Didn’t we already go down the “Jo six pack” road with Bush???? And look where it got us…No disrespect to small town folks but I don’t want you leading this country…you don’t know enough. You live in a bubble in the bible belt where everyone looks the same, worships at the same church, eats the same food, works the same job as their parents before them, and goes to the big game on Friday night…and well if you’re a little different you stand the chance of being beaten to death, jailed for having consensual sex with a white girl (only if you happen to be a young black man” or dragged behind a car( if you’re on the wrong side of town)…no, I am not interested! I am not interested in anyone who sits and drinks a “six pack” in one sitting negotiating treaties…with a finger on the nuke button! I am not interested in someone claiming to run a microcosm of the U.S. but yet whose own state has about as much diversity as the characters on the Hills!

This is a serious time for serious people…not show ponies who need days to cram with her daddies friends…in the real world there is no time to cram! Either you mean what you say or you don’t. I have had enough of a President who thought it was “ok” to learn on the job! I want someone who can not only answer but coherently follow up on questions from a reporter… someone who knows their stance on important issues like foreign affairs, energy, and economics like the back of their hand. The time for training wheels is over…Palin did women who have worked for decades to have a woman looked at in the same intelligent light as a man an EXTREME disservice last night…Biden, had kid gloves on...why you ask??? Because he was dealing with a “lil lady” last night not a woman! And the conservatives were just waiting for him to point out that she wasn’t answering the questions asked…by saying he was “picking on her” What is this pre-school!!!! I want a woman who is going to discuss her plans and policies in a clear and assertive matter…a woman who wants the tough questions because she is smart enough and tough enough to answer them… not a woman who thinks a National Debate is the appropriate place to shout out her fucking family like she’s on a talk show!!! The time for “reality television” is over…let’s get back to the seriousness of the stakes we have in front of us…I don’t think we can get out of our economic crisis by “winking” it away…and flashing a smile…it’s going to take hard work and a thoughtful plan…and that my friends is not coming from a pit-bull with lipstick!

And That’s my Two Cents

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mayqueen said...

The winking... oh the winking! I kept waiting for her to turn to the crowd and go "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!"

I agree - it's a sad state of affairs when people applaud her just for not embarrassing herself.