Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pimp My Kids!!!

And so--I have never witnessed a political candidate like Sarah Palin in my life! Forget about the picture of her in an American Flag bikini with a gun (Republican Porn), forget about the knocked up daughter, forget about the earmarks for Alaska (there are many), forget about the state investigation (for firing the state commissioner who wouldn't fire her ex brother-in-law...why you ask??? because her sister was going through a divorce..dahhh! Forget about ALL of that...and focus on this...Ms. Alaska Mother of the Year has been using her fucking kids for political gain! I have seen a lot in my small time here on Earth, but this takes the cake.

"Keep families out of the election" that is what she said right??? That's what Republicans said right??? Oh, unless you can tout them for votes...she is carrying that baby with special needs around like her badge of honor! He is a child Palin...not a fucking flag! Has anyone noticed that her knocked up daughter's baby father has been holding her hand since this morning???? Did mommy carry a shotgun over to his home??? that's how small town folks do, right???? "You gone marry my daughter or else"! I am sure that self promoting redneck will make a great pappy! She is marching that poor girl onstage as she is going through this pregnancy in the American that what a caring mother does???? She uses her child's decision to enter into combat as her token campaign slogan that is unbelievable... "This is a private family matter...please give us our privacy" that's what Palin's spokesperson said...Really, I think Britany Spears has done a better job keeping her life "private" than this woman has done to her family...Palin, you make me sick!

I do not want the Republicans to go down in history as the first party to put a woman on the ticket...because she is not worthy of such a place in history...she is a distraction and speed bump at best!!! Some may say "why so angry then TC?" I am angry because I am tired of Republican bullshit...I am tired of them dragging out the flag and telling the rest of us we are unAmerican because we choose College over the armed services....I respect the job of service people...and I am sure they do enter the service hoping to one day exploit their service to win an election...I am tired of being marginalized and feeling like 3/5ths of a human being because I am not straight, white, or is time to take the gloves off Dems and get dirty...if they want to fight...give them a fucking monsoon!!!!

And That's My Two Cents!

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Anonymous said...

I am also heated about the strategies and tactics used by the Republican party. Though Democrat, I consider myself to be an open person capable of listening to reason. As someone having to track both sides of this debate, I ask what is their stance on key issues. All conventions use rhetorical language. We also call this "political language." Because political language equals political reality, I am now scared shitless if McCain wins because all these assholes are doing is pointing the finger and being sarcastic. No talk about change unless it is putting down Obama - oh I am sorry their references to "shaking up DC" and crossing political borders but look at the way they are treating us. We didn't do that to them. Our convention was full of respect not put downs.

In the office yesterday someone mentioned the potential of a civil war if Obama does not win. There are grown women wanting to riot if this shit continues. How sad is that?

Becoming president is a serious matter. Bush fucked up so bad that Republicans need to tell us some real plans not punch lines and put downs. This is not a joke. And not funny at all.

I am not sure what both parties' strategies are for the debate but I am excited to see what happens. I am praying in advance about this one, they keep focusing on the Biden Palin show down. LOL - how can that overshadow McCain and Obama. I really think the Republicans are pushing that for some reason.

Who knows, but the strategies here are pretty interesting - sincere/respect vs. talking shit.

I am pissed too as you can tell . . .

By the way, I am starting to get tired of hearing about McCain's past victories, please tell me about what you will do for people now. Can someone say something of substance about the fucking economy for working families! McCain and Palin about reform but true reformers leave you with thoughts of reforms not put downs. I feel like I am watching a rap battle but the other B Boy isn't there.