Monday, May 5, 2008

Nuclear Summer for the Dems???

And so--T.C. is pissed and I must tell you all why...I am on VACA this week and was enjoying myself until I turned on MSNBC. I know what your thinking...GEEK! But, you have to understand I am an addict! "Hi my name is Two Cents..and I am addicted to politics"! Except when I tuned you know what I heard???? Well, let me tell you. I heard the pundits discussing whether or not reporters on the campaign trail hook-up with one another...because there is nothing else to do??? Are you F@%KIN kidding me???? Was I watching MTV's the Hills??? I don't give a shit if "professional ADULT journalists" hook-up with one another...I care if they are actually covering the news while they are on the campaign trail...not each other!

Ok, enough of my rant back to the news...So, Huffpo is reporting today HRC's Nuclear not her energy plan...her plan to nuke the democratic party by having her supporters that sit on the bylaws and rules committee push forward the votes of the people in Michigan and Florida...Now, don't get me wrong I am not into disenfranchising 2.5 million voters, but I will say that their states should have followed the rules! Now, some of you may roll your eyes and say "T.C. some rules are meant to be broken". Yes, that is true but the reality is...she would not be calling for their votes if she wasn't the only Dem on the ballot in those states...should she be rewarded for playing her down-low game??? I wish, that DNC chair Howard Dean would grow a pair and put his foot down! I am not saying not to seat the good people of these states at convention...but if we are going to count votes then we have to redo the campaigns there and give both her and Obama the time to campaign there and then redo the votes...not just except what's there...But if she manages to use her "Nuclear" strategy she will obliterate not only Obama's chances (which she wants...understood) but she will also be responsible for the imploding of the democratic party...and I am sorry but her win...ain't worth that! That's my Two I am back to relaxing!


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