Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hillary Balboa…and the Fight for Superdelegates!

And so—I was reading the Huffington Post and saw an article where Hillary Clinton has most recently compared herself to Rocky Balboa…really! She went on in the article to discuss that she is a fighter and said “would Rocky have run half way up the Philadelphia steps and turned around…no… and neither will I”. Great Hill, you’re a fighter…we get it. But at what expense are you going to continue the destruction of the Democratic Party??? And wait a minute…when Rocky was fighting it was because he wanted to prove that he was a champion…key word being HE not “we” as in “yes we can”. He was fighting for himself…not for the greater good of the boxing community. On second thought maybe Hill is more like Rocky than I thought. Her nomination has more to do with her desire to win the nomination... at any cost than with the desire of the American people.

Her craving to be President has to do with the Clinton’s 30 year personal plan…it has nothing to do with their plans to better America or bring solutions! If they cared about the American people then they would not be trying to throw their weight around Washington to strong arm Superdelegates into the Clinton camp! The fact that they are relying on Superdelegates goes to show us once and for all that this nomination is not about the American people and “change” politics…no, this is about business as usual and cronyism.

James Carville, a longtime Clintonite, called Bill Richardson “Judas” for Christ sake!!! Why? Because he [Richardson] decided to side with the American people and back Obama instead of Hillary for the nomination. When Carville was asked by Anderson Cooper on 360 “why the strong words” Carville’s response… Richardson “owed” the Clintons for all they have done for him! “Owed” them…really? Not because she is most qualified or because he believes in her vision for America but because the Clinton’s did him a favor? Favoritism and cronyism is exactly what the Bush administration has run on for the past 7 years…and yet Hillary claims to be bigger and better than Bush??? With solutions to change America??? I don’t think so. It’s fortunate for us that there is a real change agent in this race and we are not stuck choosing the better of two evils. If Hillary Clinton wants to compare herself to an athlete I have a better one…Tonya Harding! She is wielding a big sledge hammer right now… and with ever snip and lie she is chipping away at the Democratic Party and our ability to win the White House!

That’s My Two Cents!

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