Wednesday, May 28, 2008

'Til Death do Us Part????

And So—It has been a loooonnnng time since yours truly has written…but never fear…T.C. is here! So, first on the agenda---the Gays may get to have their day in sun…the California sun that is! On May 15th the California Supreme Court ruled in a 4-3 decision for same-sex marriage. However, before the brides and grooms to-be could run to their closest Vera Wang boutique a group of conservative bigots ran to the courts and asked them for a 5 month stay of the judgment so that voters could have the opportunity to strike down their decision with a state amendment to ban same sex marriage. So, now T.C. is pissed! What the hell is wrong with these conservative groups and their sanctity of marriage bullshit! If marriage was so F@$%ING sacred then I ask why is The Bachelor a hit show??? Why did Britney Spears get an annulment after 84 hours??? Why do shows like Bridezilla and Marry a Farmer exist??? Why don’t these groups get together and ban shows like these for tramping all over traditional marriage???? I am so tired of their debate! You know… these were most likely the same groups who said that people of different races couldn’t married during the 50’s!!! My God, how short the memory of America is…we just wait for a new marginalized group to surface so that we can throw our “traditional” bullshit at them…. WAKE UP!!! The traditional America that these groups have held so near and dear to their hearts has long since died! If you want to cling to your traditional ways I suggest you get a compound in Utah and keep to yourself…start a town in the mountains…ride in horse and buggy…churn butter… but leave the rest of the hell alone! Ok, now I feel a little better.

Next, George Bush…ohhhhh DUBYA…the dirty tricks you play when you a far from home. Calling Obama an appeaser…yes, your right to try and have conversation with our opponents is wrong…it might lead us to negotiation and that is not the “yippy caye” gun totting’ way of Dubya’s USA!
Today, his former press secretary came out with a book in which he shatters the Bush Administration by telling us…wait for it…WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW! Yes, the American people hired a coke snortin’, illiterate, wanna-be better than daddy, spoiled little frat boy! There, I saved you the $14.95 of an Amazon book shipment.

Next, Hillary’s still in the race…but I don’t care... so we are moving on from there. More interesting than that is the fact that Dunkin Donuts pulled a TV advertisement today because their spokesperson Rachel Ray was wearing a scarf that was thought by the right-winged bloggers to look like an Arab keffiyeh. Really, are you kidding me?? Do we live in a communist country where the clothes that people wear on T.V. have to be censored not because it’s too sexy, but because it’s too Arab???? Way to show a pair Dunkin Donuts!! What were the American people going to do… boycott your patriotic coffee? “America runs on Dunkin”…probably not… because that would mean that families would have to cook nutritious food for their kids before they go to school instead of hopping them up on your sugary crap… but being as how we are too busy, toolazy and too fat to do that…you sacred fatty empire is safe! But the fact that you pulled the add sure as hell makes T.C. not want to enter into your politically charged and overtly racist establishment! How much F’ing time do we have on our hands that this is what the media is paying attention to instead of …Oh I don’t know that gas is reaching $5 a gallon, or that the prices of just about everything we consume is rising through the roof…no it’s much easier to comment on Rachel Ray’s wardrobe! And that's my Two Cents!!!


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The far right has more than gay marriage to worry about these days. There's homo-hollywood: