Monday, April 14, 2008

Bitter??...Hell Yeah!

And so—I apologize for the absence of my blog last week but T.C. was under the weather…but never fear…I am germ free and back in the swing! And I couldn’t have picked a better week to put my Two Cents in then this one…So, without further ado…to the news we go! First, Ann Coulter and the topless depiction of her in the Wall Street Journal…all I can say is “PRICELESS”! Next, “Bitter Bowl 2008”! So, Obama made comments at a San Francisco fundraiser claiming that “small town folks” in the Midwest may have swallowed a bitter pill…. He also made mention of guns, religion, and fear of the unknown…yup, I believe that sums it up. Now, were his comments a bit harsh….ummmmm…NO! Why, you ask…let me give you a pop quiz.

Question 1:
Have people in the Midwest lost the most jobs of Americans in our ever shifting economy?

Question 2:
Do a lot of people in the Midwest own guns?

Question 3:
Are the majority of Midwestern people linked to one racial group?

Question 4:
Is there a dense population of churches in the Midwest?

If you answered yes to these questions without having to Google “Midwest” then you passed the quiz! The reality is obvious…the Midwest is not the most diverse place in the U.S. A lot of the blue collar workers living in this region have lost their jobs…and generally loss of income makes us bitter people!...Especially when we have candidates that come to talk to this region of the country conveniently around election time and blame their lot in life on immigration, gays, and abortion. America is bitter! We are bitter about the war, school shootings, foreclosures, job loss, etc. and trying to pretend that we are all content with our lives and that Obama is an elitist is just as ridiculous as picturing Hillary Clinton squatting behind a bush with a rifle! Once again…let’s return to the issues of the day…education, health care, recession, and leave the name calling, hair pulling, and finger pointing to the return of new Gossip Girl episodes on the CW…XOXO!


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Remi said...

I decided not to pay any attention to that stupid bitter debate....Seriously that's the best the media can do to make Barack look bad? It's absolutely nothing and I won't give it any attention

And fuck that elitist propaganda. It's elitist to go to College and make something out of yourself, then write webster and say so media idiots