Friday, September 24, 2010

Re-Branding HOPE, Yes We Can?

And so, here we are 20 months into Obama’s Administration…and as the now infamous Velma Hart stated “we are exhausted and tired”. Does that mean hope is over? Shall we send hope on his way? Thank him for coming, but say “don’t let the door hit you…”? Yes, we are tired; of course we are…this recession has beaten the shit out us…like a two bit piñata! Millions of jobs have been lost, homes have been foreclosed, and the once stable middle class has now become the “shrinking class” much like the housewives of New Jersey! I’m tired, you’re tired, but does that mean we give up? Does that mean that we throw up our hands, lie on our backs, and let the Tea-Party have their way with us?

With their witchcraft, Hitler signs, and utter B.S. they have shown that they are about as capable of leading as Lindsey Lohan is of staying out of jail. It’s time to get serious and stop thinking that some white horse is going to gallop down Main Street and make everything OK. This is not a fairy tale and change, REAL change, takes hard work from everyone who wants it! Obama did not pretend to be the Messiah when he ran for President. Am I defending the Administration and their inability to communicate their message to the American people the way they did during the election…and have a cohesive plan, and have some f’ing cohones when it comes to Republican bullshit? No, I’m not. But what I am going to do is remind everyone that it did not take 20 months to get into the mess we are in…it took a freakin’ decade!

This is not the Cosby show where everything gets fixed at the end of 30 minutes so we can all to bed feeling warm and fuzzy. This is the real world and this is some real shit that we have gotten ourselves into. Politics and leadership is made for folks who take their drinks straight up without an umbrella…it’s not for the faint of heart or spineless. So, if you’re as angry and frustrated as T.C. is then don’t whine about it…do something about it; because if we don’t then the Tea-Party and the Rethugs will.

Boehner just released the Republican’s “manifesto” entitled their Pledge to America. Um, excuse me, Mr. Boehner, 1994 called and they want their book back! You see, they never have to change their ideas because when Americans like Ms. Hart become exhausted, the Rethugs get voted back in…and then the country gets screwed! The rich get richer, the sick get sicker, and when a few years pass and everyone is standing in a bread line...the Dems get to put the country back together again! It’s a cycle…a nasty one! We need to demand better, we need to express our anger and hold our elected officials accountable for their actions…but don’t think that electing some abstinence-loving witch who is going to cast a spell on all of us, and make us all straight, white, and Christian is the answer. The opposite of what we have is not always the answer to our problems.

Our government is as accountable as we make them! They listen to whoever the loudest people are…and right now the tea-party are the only ones doing all the shouting! So, take a swig of a stiff drink, wipe of your brow, and get off the ropes!!! In mass we can do great things. GET ANGRY, GET LOUD, AND DEMAND THE CHANGE WE VOTED FOR…we don’t have the time to be tired….

And That’s my Two Cents!

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