Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dirty Thirties Syndrome

And so, TC has been away for a while…but I’m back in effect with a bit of a quandary; what do you do when you find yourself at an in-between stage in life? Too young for the mid-life Porsche, but too old for a guidance counselor? Evidenced by a series of conversations with friends and frienemies alike…this is the stage that we are all currently in…it’s that spot right after the quarter life crisis and before your mid-life breakdown. For so long this time has been nameless, but today it hit me like Elin with a golf club! I’m going to call this lovely little sweet and sour patch, DTS. What is DTS you ask? It is the rightfully named “Dirty Thirties Syndrome”.

DTS is that point in your life when it’s no longer publicly acceptable to get hammered to the point of vomiting and passing out on your front lawn, when your “in-your-face” Mohawk becomes a more sleek and professionally acceptable faux hawk, when the college furniture gets upgraded…a little less IKEA and a little more Crate and Barrel! In this moment you start to think about the future and all its potential…all of YOUR potential! You move from the “what are we doing tonight” to “what are we doing over the next 5 years” conversations…everything and I mean everything carries more weight, much like Kirsty Alley after Cheers! It’s not like your 20’s when you had all the time in the world to lay on the “grassy nole” and contemplate…you know “stuff”. But at the same time the world is your champagne oyster shooter (love those)!

Everything is possible...hate your job, change it…have been dating for years with no “real” commitment, end it, want to travel, live in a new city???? All of these questions and desires can be answered, why?? Because the beauty of DTS is that we are not strapped with all the baggage that begets your 40’s and 50’s but we have a hell of a lot more sense and bank than we did in our 20’s (or at least you hope)!!!! Really, we are at the perfect midpoint...and much like with your second glass of champagne, you should feel relaxed and fabulous! So, cheers to you…you are officially, almost, kinda, a grown-up! And that’s my Two Cents!


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